Thursday, June 11, 2009

San Francisco Day 3

We began the morning by driving an hour or so to Fairfield, CA for a tour of the Jelly Belly factory.
Our family posing out front

shopping in the gift shop
Everyone was required to wear the Jelly Belly paper hats (or you could choose a hair net!) to tour the factory. No pictures were allowed during the actual tour.

tasting the free samples that they gave at the end of the tour

Uncle Russ and Julie

Olivia tasting her samples

Clay and Me

Millions of jelly beans!
You would not believe the strange flavors of jelly beans that the factory creates----rotten egg, pencil shavings, toothpaste...YUK! They had samples of these and other horrible flavors too. Only Russ was brave enough to try rotten egg!
The Belly Flops (imperfect jelly beans) are sold in a separate gift shop. These "mess-ups" are sold for a discounted price. We bought all of our jelly beans to take home in the Belly Flop store!
We ate lunch in the Jelly Belly Cafe where some of our food was served in the shape of jelly beans! (Pizza and hamburgers!)
Next we travelled to Muir Woods. This national park is absolutely beautiful. It is difficult to comprehend how tall trees can grow. God's creation is truly magnificant!
Russ admiring a tree

Sam posing on a tree

Julie is walking in the distance, while I stopped to look up at these tall, tall trees.

group photo (minus Jimmy the photographer!)

crossing the creek--I didn't let Sam do this!

Olivia and Aunt Megan

Sam climbing on the tree roots

Leah in the same spot

Aunt Megan and Julie
Our next excursion for the day was Mt. Tamalpais. This mountain offers a trail to the top. All 7 of us trekked up and posed for some beautiful pictures. The scenery from the top of this mountain was breathtaking! Megan's main concern during the hike was that Sam or Leah would fall down the mountain! Everyone arrived both up and down safely!

Sam striking a pose!

Olivia, Clay, Julie, and Sam at the top

All five children at the top
No one fell off!
Our family

Julie and Clay examining the rocks

Leah with her windblown hair

Clay the mountain man

Jimmy and Sam

On the way back down
We ended the day by driving through the little town of Sausalito, and then dining at the Rainforest Cafe in downtown San Francisco.
Another exhausting, but fun-filled day!


  1. The picture of your kids sitting on the mountain with the clouds in the! Amazing. :D

    I don't blame you one bit for not passing along the gratitude award...I almost didn't tackle it myself! It was pretty darn time consuming to do all of that linking! :)

    I DO have most of my homeschool stuff set in place at this point (at least for Christian)...

    Christian 6th grade...
    Science- Apologia Astronomy
    (Additional science work will be done during a 4H SEEK camp that he will do 1day a week for 12 weeks starting in Dec.)Also, this summer, I have 2-3 different local museum outings planned that relate to space, and 2 different city park events that are focused on space. We are excited! :)
    History/Geography/Reading- Sonlight Core 6 World History pt.1
    Spelling- Spelling Power
    Grammar- Easy Grammar and Daily Grams
    Writing- WriteShop 1
    Math- Teaching Textbooks 6 or 7 (Haven't pretested yet)
    Also, my MIL has a computer Spanish program that she said Christian could use if he wanted to, and he DOES, so we will probably add that in as well.
    He will have one day a week at "Homeschool Academy", an enrichment program that we have here.

    Caylie (10th grade)...
    Science- Apologia Biology with 4H SEEK program added
    Math- TT Geometry
    Spanish 1- High School CoOp
    World View- HS CoOp
    American Lit- HS CoOp waiting list...REALLY hoping to get in!
    History- Probably Sonlight Core 200, but if she gets into American Lit, I am kind of afraid that it will be too much reading???
    We will probably also do Spelling Power, which goes through 12th grade, and Daily Grams.

    This is the longest comment EVER! Sorry!

    Any input on these choices??? I've done LOTS of research, but I VERY much welcome real life opinions!!!

  2. Beautiful nature pics!
    What fun the Jelly Belly Factory must have been! I'll have to tell the kids about it. They love The World of Coke in Atlanta. I'm sure the Jelly Belly Factory would be a hit, too. I can personally attest that one can get enough Jelly Bellies! I used to work one day a week at a gift shop here in town that sold Jelly Bellies. On the day a new shipment came in, we'd "have" to try all the new flavors. By the end of the day, we were sick of them all! Ha!
    My kids love Rain Forest Cafe. It's always a fun place to eat!!
    Glad you guys had such a fun trip!!

  3. Wow Roan!! This sounds like such a fun trip!! Thanks so much for sharing these awesome pics with us!! The one of both of the kids on the roots of the trees is my fave!! Just a great photo!! But the view from the top of the mountain would have to be next!!

    Those trees are amazing!! I'd love to visit out there some day!!

    Have a blessed weekend, friend!!

  4. I grew up in CA and seeing your pictures makes me homesick. I love Muir Woods and miss those rocky beaches! I dream of taking my children out west and showing them my "home". Thanks for sharing your photos.