Friday, April 6, 2018

Wedding #2: Olivia and Brian

The time between the two weddings just flew by! I spent a good deal of that time washing and carefully folding and hanging many, many white tablecloths. (I bought them so I could use them for both weddings.) After Julie and Big Sam's honeymoon trip, they stayed with us until Olivia and Brian's wedding. This past summer, when all my children were at home, were some of the very best times of my life!

Olivia's wedding took place at First Baptist Church in Corinth, Mississippi. We hosted the reception there too. It is a beautiful building, and my florist and The Wedding Planners (aka Lynn and Leanna) did an absolutely fabulous job of decorating!

 Joy, Brian's mother, helping him get ready

 the handsome groom

 the men having fun!

 sweet Tracy, styling Olivia's hair. 
Tracy used to babysit she is all grown up, married, and has four children of her own.

 I guess I am fluffing the dress?

 pinning on the veil.

 the beautiful (inside and out) bride


 so pretty!


 Olivia with her sister, Julie

 Olivia with her other sister, Leah

 the pretty bridesmaids.
I love the pink!

the handsome groomsmen

 our family before the wedding

 Olivia with Mims and Pops

 These sweet flowers girls are twins! They are Brian's nieces.

 Everything was so pretty.

 The Wedding Planners making one more final adjustment before the big moment!

 All married now!

 This is my parents' family--all their children and grandchildren.

 Mims and Pops with the bride and groom

 My grandmother, Momo, with Olivia and Brian

 Our whole family with Grandmomma, Jimmy's mother.

 Brian's entire family--his parents, his siblings (standing), and all his siblings' children (seated)

 Tom and Joy with Olivia and Brian

 the happy couple

the entire wedding party

 This is one of my favorite pictures.

 The food display turned out to be so pretty! I had the same caterer for both weddings, and she did an amazing job!

 Elle made Olivia's wedding cake too, and it was delicious!

 Tom, Brian's father, made cheesecake for the groom's table. His cheesecake is delicious too!

 Olivia requested to be showered with fresh rose petals as she and Brian made their getaway.

And they're off!

And I survived.....barely!


  1. Geri Benjamin told me about your blog years and years ago and I’ve followed it ever since. Every once in a while she would mention it to me and we talk about how impressed we were with your organization and homeschooling and commitment to running as we barely managed to make time to get our roots colored and drink Diet Coke all day!
    She would have loved this post and she’d have loved to see how happy and joyful your family is!

    1. Hi Jessica, Thank you so much for commenting. Sweet Geri! Don't be impressed....I just barely hang on most days by the grace of God. :) I guess I never realized that Geri even read my blog. I have in my FB message inbox a question she asked me about life skills to teach her girls that I never got around to answering. (I regret that so much!)

    2. She and I promised to get lunch together the last three times we talked and didn’t make it happen so I totally get it!
      She loved your blog and she was so inspired by your passion for things you take on. We joked we were the close personal friends you didn’t know you had ����

  2. Love this family. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with two precious people.

  3. What a gorgeous wedding! The setting (the church) is so beautiful. I'm impressed by the size of Brian's family! :) Olivia looks lovely and happy, and I love your dress Roan. Looks like a beautiful wedding!