Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Spontaneous Road Trip

Last Friday Leanna texted Lynn and me inviting us to join her and her family for a short trip to the beach. The plan was for Lynn and I to drive down to Seagrove, Florida Sunday afternoon after our church services, spend all day Monday on the beach, and then drive back after lunch on Tuesday.

Hmmmmmm. Let me think about that.....a short 6.5 hour drive to my favorite place (Seagrove is right next to Seaside) for one full day of reading in the sun, listening to the the ocean waves crashing, feeling the breeze, smelling the salty air.....YES. I'm in!

So, Lynn and I asked our husbands if we could, and of course they said yes, so we planned and packed, and we were off!

Someone asked me yesterday if it was worth all that driving for just one day of sand and sun, and I said, "Most definitely, yes!" I finished one book, and skimmed two others. Then I bought two new books at my favorite bookstore, Sundog Books in Seaside.

The kids (eight total between the three of us mamas) had a blast. They spent all their time either in the heated pool, playing in or beside the ocean, and playing card games. We three girls talked and talked and generally enjoyed our break from our normal, busy lives. We walked to Seaside Monday night to browse the bookstore, and then Lynn and I and our children spent almost three hours in Seaside Tuesday morning before we left for home. We browsed, shopped, and enjoyed lunch from the food trucks.

It was a short, much needed spontaneous road trip!


  1. How fun! I have always wanted to go to the area of Florida. Maybe one day I'll get there! Sounds like a great pause in schedule and a wonderful little getaway!

    1. It was delightful. The beach is my happy place!