Thursday, April 5, 2018

Wedding #1: Julie and Sam

I just realized today that I NEVER BLOGGED ABOUT THE WEDDINGS. 

It was such a busy and somewhat stressful summer, and then I took a trip to Seaside, and then I quickly got ready for another homeschool year, and then we took Clay to college 12 hours away in Florida, and then cross country season, and then and then a trip to Utah, and then on and on, and you know I have been such a terrible blogger.

So. Here is a recap of Wedding #1:  Julie and Sam (Remember, Wedding #2:  Olivia and Brian was 7 weeks later.)

Julie's wedding was held a a venue called Blue August in Baldwyn, Mississippi. We rented it for the weekend and had the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding, and wedding reception all in the same room! The picture below is from the rehearsal dinner. We used the same arrangements plus more for the wedding reception tables. 

We set up 200 or so chairs for the wedding ceremony, and then we had to flip the space for the reception. How that was done (and the master minds behind it--Lynn and Leanna) is a story for another blog post! 

 rehearsal dinner

Honestly, the wedding day is a blur. Julie and Big Sam began their day (along with Jimmy, Big Sam's father and brother and a couple of other groomsmen) by running a 5K race!  I just tried not to think about it! 
My sweet sisters-in-law, Mary Margaret, Amanda, and Megan hosted a beautiful bridesmaids' breakfast in Mary Margaret's home. The groomsmen enjoyed their breakfast hosted by two of my dear friends, Karen and Sheila.
Following the race and the breakfasts, we all met at Blue August to begin dressing and preparing for pictures. 
 I was overcome for a moment.

 sweet Julie getting ready

 Olivia helping her with her veil

A side note. I can't remember if I shared this or not, but Julie, with lots of help from my mother, Mims, lovingly made her wedding dress and veil. She trimmed both the dress and veil with lace that she painstakingly removed from my wedding dress.

 Sweet Big Sam 

 Sweet Sisters!

Another side note:  Jimmy lovingly spent hours building the wooden arch! And Lynn and Leanna spent at least an hour (or more!) draping the fabric perfectly!

 Julie with her bridesmaids

 Sam with his groomsmen

 the entire wedding party

 Brian and Olivia, Julie and Big Sam

 the children


 the bride and groom with Jimmy, me, and my parents, Mims and Pops

 Julie with my grandmother, Momo

 Sam's parents, Dan and Tami

 Paul, Dan, Tami, Julie, Big Sam, and Abe
 All the Peters--Paul and Alayna, Dan and Tami, Julie and Big Sam, Grace and Abe

 Sam with his brothers

 So Sweet!

the big moment! 

The wedding cakes were made by Julie's friend, Elle. They tasted absolutely delicious! I ate leftover wedding cake for breakfast for several day after the wedding. I may or may not have hidden the leftovers from the rest of my family!

 A happy bride and groom on their way to begin their new life together!

The saying on the napkins pretty much sums it all up!


  1. It was a beautiful wedding. So I just cried again at how sweet it was!

    1. I just cried after reading that you cried! :) It really was sweet!

  2. What beautiful pictures!! The picture of you being "overcome" actually brought tears to MY eyes. It looks like a beautiful, happy wedding. Thank you for sharing!!