Friday, April 13, 2018

Our Tiny House Pop-Up Camper

We just got home for a spontaneous one night camping trip, and I realized that I don't think I have ever shared pictures of our cute little tiny house pop-up camper! I really like it! We bought it over a year ago, and it was decorated in brown and beige. Those colors do not make me happy, so I did a little online research on how to personalize and redecorate a camper. Of course, I found all kinds of ideas, so I got busy!

I have been camping in this little camper a total of four times since we bought it. (Including last night.) While it seems like it would be so easy to just take off for a night or two, as with everything else, it's just not that simple...due to Jimmy's work schedule and our activities. I am not sure where all our time goes! But when we do find the time to camp for a night or two, I am ready! I bought all kinds of things to keep in the camper so really all I have to plan for and pack is food. 

I am not completely done with my sewing for the camper, but I will share what I have done. These pictures are not in chronological I will just comment on them in the order that they uploaded.

 I took this picture this morning. This is the side where Leah slept. She has her American Girl doll all set up!
This is the only bed or window curtain that I have made so far. I have the other five cut out, but I have to finish them. I cut the part that slides on the track off the original curtains, and I am sewing it to the back of the turquoise band at the top of each curtain panel. Then the entire curtain just slides on the tracks that go around the top of the camper.

 I did get the valances made for both sides of the camper. 
I also recovered the seat cushions for the dinette.

 Leah's bed again. 
I bought navy bedspreads, sheets, and pillow shams for both beds. I found these outdoor pillows at Sam's last year--they are the perfect color!

 This is what the dinette cushions looked like before I recovered them.

 The blank slate

 This is the old valance.

 Here is the tiny house all folded up and ready to be pulled.

 Another view of the other side of the camper.

 This picture was taken last spring before I sewed the valances or the one curtain.

 The other side...before cute curtains.

Here it is all popped up and ready for fun.

When I ever finish all the curtains, I will take some final pictures.

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  1. This is soooo cute! I love the colors! My husband and I have discussed getting a pop-up a few times since we camped last summer. I don't know if we will, but I know it looks fun. They're so cute!! I spent way too long one night looking at pictures on the pop-up princess (I think) blog!