Saturday, October 26, 2013

Running in the Johnson Family

Hello Internet!

I am still alive.  The only things I do at my computer these days are:

  • pay bills
  • sort through and delete emails
  • proofread Olivia's English Comp 2 papers (I am so glad I am not taking that class!)
  • look up my own recipes
  • log my miles on Daily Mile
Our whole family has been running a lot lately.  Julie and Clay are running with our homeschool cross country team, the Spartans.  Julie set a personal record (PR) in the 5K this fall.  19:45.  She was ecstatic, and we are all so happy for her and her hard work!  Clay has consistently run his 5Ks in under 20:00 or 21:00 all season, and Leah set a PR as well!  Sam has run a 1 mile fun run on occasion, and he sometimes run at Spartan practice.

Jimmy is slowly overcoming his battle with severe plantar fasciitis, and has built up his mileage over the last month.  Jimmy and I are both training for the St. Jude Marathon on December 7.  I am doing most of my long runs with Leanna (this will be her first marathon!), but sometimes Jimmy, Heather, Lynn, and Esther join us for some or all of the miles.  This week we did 43 miles!  In four days!  And I am exhausted!

Early, early this morning Jimmy, Julie, Clay, and I traveled to Florence, AL, for the UCP Half Marathon and 5K.  Jimmy ran the Half (with a 6 mile warm up in order to get his long run in for the week), and Julie and Clay ran the 5K.  Leah and Sam stayed behind with their cousins.  I watched and cheered everyone on. (I was done with my miles for the week).  IT WAS SO COLD!  32 degrees when we arrived!  But all three of them ran well, and we had fun--our little family of four.  We enjoyed lunch with Jimmy's first cousin and some his family before coming back home.

Olivia has been doing well with her college XC team too!  A couple of weeks ago at the FSU meet, she set a 5K PR of 21:28.  Happiness abounded!  Olivia has really had a good running season!  She ran a 5K with her team this morning, and ran her second best time ever.  I am so proud of her, and I wish we could see her race.  Hopefully, next year we can make it one of her meets.  Since Julie and Clay run here, and Jimmy has to work some weekends, we just have been unable to travel so far to see Olivia in her meets.  

Recent running fun for the children has included crazy hair and sock day and shaving cream fun day at their Spartan practices.  We have only a couple more weeks of Spartan practice, and their season is over.  Both Julie and Clay are running the St. Jude Half Marathon, and then they will rest a bit after that.

My miles next week are 45.  With a long run of 20.  I hope to get the miles in in 4 days---it's better mentally that way.  

A few running pictures....

 Spartan Team Photo

 Julie--shaving cream fun

 Clay--shaving cream fun

 Martha, Olivia, and Catherine
Olivia was home for Fall Break.

 Olivia and Julie with some Spartan girl--Catherine, Hannah, and Leslie, at a 5K last weekend.

 Crazy hair and sock day.
Clay and Leah had green spray in their hair.

 Clay and Julie this morning before the race.

 Jimmy, with his friends, Michael and H.F. before the race this morning.

Clay and Julie after the race.

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