Thursday, October 3, 2013

17 Miles

This morning I ran 17 miles with Jimmy and Leanna (who ran almost 8 with us).  It was a really bad run.  I felt terrible from about mile 8 on.  I did not have negative splits.  The only bright spots were the running company! I think I know five reasons why  it was such a yucky run.

  1. I normally drink a full 16 oz. cup of coffee mixed with about 2 inches of chocolate soy milk.  This morning, I drank only about 1/3 of the cup.
  2. I did not drink much Gatorade at mile 3, and I did not eat my GU until mile 10.  That was way too late.  Not enough coffee + very little Gatorade, and taking GU too late = crashing.
  3. I have not completed all of my training miles the last two weeks.  One week I visited Olivia and did not finish my last 9 miles, and last week, I was sick.  
  4. I missed my long run last week.  It has been two weeks and one day since my last long run (16).  That's too long between long runs!
  5. Today marked 4 days of running in a row.  I normally don't run more than 3 days in a row.  I also normally rest the day before and after a long run.  
So, live and learn.
And respect the training plan.
And don't be hard on yourself when you fail.

There is always next week!

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