Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Preparing Your Homeschooler For College

I have a post today at The Homeschool Classroom entitled, Preparing Your Homeschooler For College.  You can click here to read this post.

Since writing this post, I have thought of one more item that I would like to mention.

Using an alarm clock.
In our home I either wake up my children when I want them to be up, or more commonly, I just let them sleep until they wake up naturally.  This is not a problem for my early risers, Clay and Julie.  Nor does it seem to be much of a problem for Sam who is usually up at a reasonable time as well.  But my other girls, Leah and Olivia, have always been night owls and later than normal sleepers.  I just work with it.  Our home school schedule has Clay doing algebra with me at 8:00, but does not have Leah or Sam beginning school until 9:00 (our morning Bible time).

However, I do see the need for my high school aged children to begin using an alarm clock and being held accountable for being up and ready to begin school at a certain time.  Like I said, this is not an issue for my current high schoolers, but I predict that my younger two will be learning to set their alarm clocks in a few years.

Just one more way to prepare them to get to class on time when they are in college.

Of course, I could just call or text them every morning to make sure they are up!  (Like I am doing with my current college student!)  :)

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  1. Both of my college girls are heavy sleepers...and late night owls. My husband has tried to "help" them by encouraging strongly (adding the classes himself) that they take 7:30 a.m. classes. Needless to say, this hasn't worked very well. My oldest is now at USM and organizes her schedule around how best she gets her work done. It makes sense to me that every kid works differently.