Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Latest Happenings

I still haven't done much of my Christmas preparation because we have been busy with other things--mostly seasonal things.  I am reminded why I like to have my Christmas shopping (including gifts, party supplies, craft items, baking ingredients, etc.) complete by the end of November.  December gets so busy, and I enjoy the busyness better if I am done with the shopping!

Here are some highlights of the last few days.

Today we are doing our last day of school, and then we are taking a long holiday break!  We will resume our studies on January 7.

I did a good bit of Christmas shopping last Sunday afternoon, but I plan to finish it up next Monday.

 Sam, AKA Turtle Man, with the three mice he bagged....unfortunately (or may fortunately) the mice were already dead, so unlike the real Turtle Man, he was unable to release them back into the wild.  Yes, these three dead mice were underneath the bookcase in our den!

I hosted the ladies from our church for our annual brunch and Christmas ornament exchange.  This event is always so much fun!

 Lynn and Jessica
Jessica is my hip, much younger friend.  Her parents are dear friends of ours too!

 the ornaments...ready to be exchanged

We joined the Prince family, the Mims family, and the Johnsey family and visited a local retirement home to sing Christmas carols to the residents.  This actually was our Keepers and Contenders event for December. We shared small gifts with the residents, and spent some time visiting with them.  One of their residents is a member of our church, and she is delighted when we come every year.

After singing to Mary Alice and her friends, we then went over to visit another widow from our church, Mrs. Sybil.  She is a shut-in, and of course she was delighted by our visit too!

 All the children and Mrs. Sybil

Earlier this week I hosted a Christmas tea party for Leah and her Sunday school friends.  These girls dressed in their holiday wear and brought their dolls in holiday fashions too!

 The festive girls

Olivia and Julie attended their annual party with their close friends at Anna Beth's house.  They were asked to wear tacky Christmas sweaters to this party!  

My festive big girls
Note Olivia's Christmas socks and glittered red shoes!

That's the latest for around here!  I am still running and training for the Disneyworld Marathon.  This week features 45 miles!  I have done 21, and will finish up this week's miles with a run of 4 tomorrow and 20 on Saturday.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Merry Christmas! :) Thanks for being a part of Keepers caroling!