Thursday, August 12, 2010

Third Time Was Not the Charm

Yesterday was our 3rd day of our new school year. While I don't plan to blog about every single day of our school year, I do want to paint a realistic picture of homeschooling. I am confident in my choice of homeschooling, and I truly love homeschooling my children. However, it is not always easy. But that doesn't mean that I will quit. Just because something is hard doesn't mean that it is not possible or even enjoyable. It just means that it may be hard. Life isn't always easy.

I have had other hard years in my life as a mother. The year that Clay was born and I also had a 20 month old and a 3, almost 4 year old. That whole year was hard. But then the next year was easier. The next hard year for me was when Leah was a baby, I had 3 children to homeschool and we were building a house. We moved in our new house two weeks before Leah's first birthday. The next year was much easier. My most recent hard year was the year I was pregnant with Sam and the months after his birth. Overwhelming. Then I enjoyed a few not so hard years.

I think that this year is going to be a hard year. Doable, enjoyable, but hard. That's ok. I am up for the challenge. I am determined to find a routine for our school year that will be beneficial to all.

Yesterday I tried doing Clay and Julie's Sonlight history, geography, language arts, and read alouds first thing after our Bible study time. The day didn't go so well. Leah wanted to do her school, but I was occupied with Julie and Clay. She and Sam didn't do so well on doing their morning chores unsupervised, and then they quickly tired of the preschool activities I set up for them. They were in and out of the schoolroom. I didn't have a good plan for what they needed to be doing. Then Olivia had a problem with her Rosetta Stone Spanish. (That program gives me fits!). I had made a mistake when typing up her daily checklist, and I had to spend about 30 minutes figuring the program out! Clay needed me, Julie needed me, Leah was still waiting to do her school, and Sam was needing me too.

Julie decided to take everyone out to play in the barn, but since I was through figuring out the Spanish, I was finally ready to do school with Leah. Well, her eagerness was gone! She wanted to go to the barn too. She asked if she could do her school really quickly and join them. Sadly, I knew that her school would take over an hour, and by then the others would be back for lunch. She cried. I cried. I didn't know what to do!

So I sent them all to the barn to play. I ran 5 miles on the treadmill and mentally regrouped. We all had lunch. I put Sam down for a nap. I did school with Leah. Then I finished Sonlight with Julie and Clay. Then I helped Clay finish his school. Then I checked Julie's and Olivia's schoolwork. And then it was 4:45! We had started at 8:00. What a long school day!

I cooked supper, showered, got everyone ready for our church service and went to church.
I was exhausted!

Today Jimmy is off work, so it is a no school day. He and the older girls left at 6:00 AM for a long run. I ran on the treadmill. I plan to think about first three school days, look at my notes, and make a new plan for tomorrow.

I will work on it until we get it right!


  1. Bless you dear! I'm glad you are a 'thinker' and a 'worker' and not a 'quitter' or 'whiner'. As my daddy says, "There would be bad days even if you worked in a pie factory!" Homeschooling is not easy and oh my goodness at the tears I have shed....but God is faithful and ALWAYS ALWAYS helps me, and I know He is helping you.

    I was asked a question about homeschooling yesterday. My friend that asked is a missionary wife in Canada. I answered her, but also referred her to your blog due to her having 4 children, 2 of them small. She's a sweet lady. You might visit her blog as well sometime. (Canadian Chronicles) You can find her on my sidebar.

    Hope you all have a wonderful day!


  2. Today is our third day of school and it is NOT going well. I am getting attitude when they have to redo sloppy or incorrect work. I was hopeful that the school year would be better, simply because the first two days went swimmingly. LOL!! I too am not a quitter and once they realize that I mean business, I think that they will settle down and do things correctly the first time. It is the attitude that is my struggle right now!!!

  3. Roan,
    I am not glad that you are suffering, but I am ;) I'm a horrible person, I know. You know what I am going through right now as far as homeschooling is concerned and hearing that you still have times of struggle makes me think that I CAN do this. Every day won't be perfect. It doesn't have to be. Kids are kids. I can't have the thinking that when days are good, I can homeschool and when days are bad, I can't. That won't get me through. I will pray for your schedule to calm down and that you will be able to prioritize your teaching. You are truly an inspiration to me as I struggle along and I want you to know that. Reading about how you were pulled in all directions, Leah didn't want to do school and your other kids needed help, about reality! THAT IS REALITY! Then you stepped away, regrouped, took a break....thanks again for a great post, Roan! You're in my prayers.

  4. It's really encouraging to know there are hard years, but that doesn't mean every year is hard! Can I admit something to you? I send my kids to kindergarten because it's overwhelming to me to think of doing K at the same time as school with the other kids. Last year I thought multiple times that I should have left Measle in school for 1st grade. I really felt like she slipped through the cracks of our homeschooling last year. I'm so excited that our Core this year will be a better fit for her. I admire you for making whatever adjustments you have to so ALL your kids can have a great school year!


  5. Thank you for sharing this!! Yesterday was one of those days for me as well. I am not thrilled with my English curriculum and will probably be switching-I think that will help a lot.

    I hope that next week goes smoother and the kinks get worked out. I am also struggling with preschool activities and Layton. I didn't think this would be the area that challenged me because I taught preschool for so many years!

  6. 3 things:

    #1 Our third day, which was Wednesday, was the absolute worst day of our first week homeschooling. Then, I had to go to church and grit my teeth while 100 smiling faces asked me how homeschooling was going!!! :-) I just cannot figure out what to do with the little people while I work with the big people!! But, I have faith it will come together in time!!!
    #2 I laughed out loud when I read about you jumping on the treadmill!!! That is exactly what I have done all week!!! When it seems to much, I get everybody busy, and I run to my room, shut the door, and start to run and pray and run and pray and run and pray!!! A lifesaver!! I come out a little sweaty and a lot more peaceful!!!!
    #3 You are so great!! I love your honesty, and I 100% believe in you!!! You can do it!! If anyone can, you can!! It won't be long and you'll figure out a way to make it all work! Love and prayers!!!

  7. Hi Roan. Thanks for sharing about your tough day. I think sometimes it's easy for me to think that I am the only one who has a difficult time adjusting to a new school year and meeting all of my children's needs while it must be going so smoothly for everyone else. By you being real, I am reminded that it's hard in different seasons for different families. I need to hang in there and trust the Lord to help me through the homeschooling He has called us to. I'm praying God will help you figure out what will work best for your family's day together.

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