Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Good Day! A Good Day!

YES! I think I have a workable plan!

Yesterday we followed the schedule that I outlined in my last post, and we had success! No tears. The day flowed smoothly, and we left on time for our piano lessons. The children really liked my reading aloud to them first thing after Bible lesson. We have done that for so long, and it works really well for us. Leah and Sam listen too, usually drawing or playing with Legos. Whenever Sam had to leave the room to go get something he needed, he would say, "Don't read until I get back". I also know that he and Leah are listening because of the questions they ask.

Another successful change I made was to work with Julie and Clay individually instead of together for their language arts instruction. Yes, I had to give the same information twice, but the trade-off was super! While I worked with Julie, Clay took Leah and Sam outside (they love this), and while I worked with Clay, Julie did a painting activity with them. She plans to do various craft activities with them each day, drawing ideas from Leah's Sonlight books.

I have read Leah's read aloud book at bedtime the last couple of nights, after I have read a couple of Sam's Sonlight books, and on most nights all five children gather in and around Sam's twin-sized bed to listen. I save the longer read loud (right now it's The Boxcar Children) for last, and Sam usually falls asleep while I am reading it.

I want to encourage you, if your days are not going like you want them to. Whether it's because of poor planning, sickness, bad attitudes, or if you just can't seem to find the right plan, keep on trying. Don't give up! Pray, pray, and pray some more about the situation. Seek wisdom from God's Word, and also from godly and experienced friends. Try to remember the big picture, your ultimate goal for yourself, your children, and your whole family, and then do what you can right now, to achieve that goal. As Christians, we are to live our lives in daily service to the Lord. We need to remember that, whenever we get overwhelmed by our lives.

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.
Matthew 6:33 (NAS)


  1. Thank you for visiting! I am in your beautiful state now, visiting. I love it here!

  2. So glad that you found a schedule that works! I love that Clay and Julie are helping out with Sam and Leah. I know Sam and Leah will remember and cherish those times!

    Thanks for your kind words about my series on the Christian's perspective on meds. I'm hoping to be back home by Friday.


  3. I so enjoy (and glean from) reading others' homeschool schedules. I'm working on mine right now and, I must say, the rough draft is intimidating. ;)
    I'm curious to know which work you assign independently, as my oldest will be in "6th grade" this year and I know I need to begin to turn over some of her work to her. So far, she will teach spelling to my 8 and 7 yos (while I am with our 3yo), and is doing a study on the book of James on her own. She works independently on her math ()after instruction) and will help with me with read aloud time too. I plan to turn over history reading to her, if possible, by mid-year. Would love to what you assign as independent work. How do your children log that work for you?

  4. I'm glad you found a plan that works well for you!