Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to School Treasure Hunt

The children went on a Back to School Treasure Hunt yesterday afternoon. I was extremely tired all day yesterday, and I just didn't take any pictures. The reason for my tiredness was this: I woke up at 4:55 to do my long run. For a variety of reasons I had to do my 12 mile run on our treadmill. Sam woke up at 5:20, just when I was about to run, so I had to lie down with him until he went back to sleep. I got a late start, 6:05. I ran a little faster than normal to make up for the lost time. I needed to be through running by 8:00 in order to have time to get ready for church service. Anyway, by the end of my run I was dying, and I felt fatigued and sore all day!

We still had a fun treasure hunt, even though I sat in a chair while they did it instead of following them around taking pictures! I prepared 10 clues, two clues for each child. They worked together, solving the clues and running around the house to find the next clue. The 10th clue led them to a basket of goodies--school related of course!

I bought Smencils for all of them. I bought two 10 packs of the regular lead Smencils, and I gave each child 4 of them. I also gave them a couple of Chinese newspaper recycled pencils, and each of them got one more little item.

Olivia--intricate coloring book
Julie--cute journal
Clay--visual tricks book
Leah--cute journal with stickers
Sam--Look and Find book

The children were excited about their new treasures! We spent the rest of the afternoon before our evening church service playing a singing game on the Wii and enjoying healthy snacks--homemade smoothies and homemade granola.

We are beginning our official school day in 5 minutes! Julie has been up since 6:00, and she has already completed all of her independent school work plus her Bible reading and morning chores. Clay has done his math lesson, Bible reading and chores, and Olivia is finishing her Bible reading and chores right now. Sam and Leah are currently doing their chores too. I have breakfast ready (sausage and cheese muffins), and we will begin our day with our Bible lesson.

I am still not sure how our day will flow. I will post our schedule after I figure out the best flow of the day!

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  1. Your back to school treasure hunt is a delightful idea. I can't even imagine running before church! We started back to school last week. Blessings on your first week back to school.