Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Trip to Atlanta

Last week we took a trip to Atlanta to visit Jimmy's cousin Warren and his family (wife-Holly; children-Will and Emma). We had planned a couple of days of sightseeing, visiting Ann and Buster (more of Jimmy's relatives), admiring Christmas decorations and lights, and wrapping up our visit with a train ride on the Santa Express.

Our plans were modified! About 200 miles into the trip we discovered that both Leah and Sam were running fever, and shortly after that Sam threw the van. After much deliberation, we decided to continue with our journey to Atlanta, but instead of stopping by Ann and Buster's house, and instead of staying overnight at Warren and Holly's house we reserved a hotel room. For that afternoon and night, and all the next day and night, I camped out in the hotel room with Leah and Sam. They just laid around all day, in the beds and on the floor. Jimmy ordered 24 hours of wireless internet for me, so I played around on my computer to pass the time.

Jimmy took the older three children to Stone Mountain for the day. We had previously visited Stone Mountain 6 years ago, when we had only 3 children. Here are some pictures from their fun day.

Clay, Julie, and Olivia then......

and now!

This time Jimmy let them climb on top of the rock!

across the bridge then......

and now...The rocks were moved so they could not cross anymore.

in the bridge then......

and now....I can't believe how much they have grown!

Jimmy took the children on a one mile hike up to the top of the mountain. Last time, we rode the ski lift!

on their way up the mountain

still going up

I think they are almost there!

at the top of Stone Mountain then....

and now!

Leah made the first trip my tummy! Since she was sick on this trip, Leah still hasn't set her feet on Stone Mountain...Sam either. We will plan another trip.

It's cold on Stone Mountain in December!

Sweet Sisters!

Julie, Olivia, and Clay

in front of the mountain

Clay was worn out after the 2 mile hike up and down the mountain!

supper at the mall

the sick ones!

The last day of our trip Leah and Sam were better, but then Julie started running fever. We still visited Warren and Holly for a couple of hours before our train ride. Holly served us a delicious brunch, and then we all rode to the train depot.
Even though the trip did not turn out like we had planned, we still had an enjoyable time and made many family memories.


  1. Hey Mrs. Roan,
    It was so cool to see the then and now!I love to come to your blog!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Anna Beth

  2. I remember when they were that little!!! When I met ya'll, Olivia was about 5, so Clay was a baby-face! Wow! That seems like yesterday!

  3. Sorry they were sick!!!

    What great pictures and what a great idea to show them before and now! Very cute!