Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Running on The Treadmill

People frequently ask me how I can run on the treadmill? They can only imagine the torture of running in one place...the boredom, the monotony! Well, I have a two word answer for those questioners: Reality TV!
Plus surround sound, a cup holder, and a fan blowing on my face!

I went years without watching anything on TV besides Little Bear and Dragon Tales. During the normal course of my day and night, there is just no time in my schedule for TV viewing. When I first began running on our treadmilll, I did not even watch the TV, but I listened to music on my iPod. Looking at the TV screen while running made me a little uneasy. Also, at 5:30 in the morning, all that is usually on TV is the news, and I did not care to watch the news for an hour or two. So, about a year ago or so Jimmy bought a DVR for our treadmill TV, and it totally changed my treadmill running experience! I began recording shows to watch, and now I actually look forward to running on the treadmill. This morning I watched The Biggest Loser finale. Go Danny! I was so happy for him! This is the first season of The Biggest Loser that I have ever watched. I viewed every episode, and it was very inspiring to run while watching that show! Other shows that I record and watch include 18 Kids and Counting (The Duggar Family), Jon and Kate Plus Eight (now over), and The Singing Bee. Now that The Biggest Loser is over, I plan to record a new show beginning next week, The Sing Off. A huge plus to watching recorded shows is the ability to skip the commercials!
I am so grateful that Jimmy desires to be physically fit, and that he has spent so much time and effort in creating us a super home gym. It truly is a blessing.


  1. The Biggest Loser was great last night! I did intervals on the treadmill the last 40 mins of it. It is such an inspiring show, and I'm glad it will be back in Jan. You go girl!

  2. Hey Roan! We're back to the blogging world again! Hope you guys are doing well. I loved your sweet Christmas card!

  3. Thanks for asking me- yes, I've been running, if you can call it that:) I'm either too proud or too stupid or both to start as you suggested, though. I've been quite sore as a result, but am feeling much better today. Rome wasn't built in a day, right?

  4. Hi, Roan! I've been looking at treadmills. Do you have any recommendations?

  5. I am so inspired by your treadmill running post! I've never run but have always wanted to. I have a nice treadmill in our basement but the one time I tried using it, like you mentioned, it was pretty boring. I am four months pregnant right now, but still trying to keep active with aerobics videos. I'd really like to have a plan to get back in shape after this baby is born in the spring/early summer. What tips do you have for beginning runners, diet, etc? I'd love to hear more about your experiences.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Please keep writing posts along these lines, I sure enjoy them!