Thursday, December 17, 2009

To Keep Your Sanity

These last few days before Christmas, make a list. A very detailed list. I just finished typing a list of every single thing I could think of that I needed to do each day between now and December 25. I thought about what baking, cooking, grocery shopping, gift wrapping, house cleaning, errand running, etc. that I had left to do, and I delegated each task to a day. Dividing the jobs among the next several days makes it doable. Having different tasks assigned to each day made my list looked less daunting than one long, long list!

I have decided that next year I am going to begin wrapping presents in July--or earlier! I already shop year round for birthdays and Christmas, but instead of just storing those gifts in a huge rubbermaid box (and writing them down as I buy them so I don't forget what I have purchased), I plan to wrap them before I store them! I won't put bows on them though, so I can stack them. The master gift list will more important than ever if the gifts are wrapped. I certainly won't remember what is inside!

A couple of holiday tips:
1. Don't forget to make a battery list as you buy gifts. Try to wrap the necessary batteries with the gift when possible.
2. Buy your gift wrap, ribbon, cards, goodie tins, paper goods, etc. either now while it is on sale for 50% off at some stores, or better yet, buy it right after Christmas for 75% off. Store these items for next year!....or you can begin using your gift wrap in July!
3. If you homeschool, don't plan any writing assignments for the month of January except for thank you note writing. Make sure you create a list for each child of gifts received. I take dictation from younger children and let them draw a picture. For K and 1st-2nd grade aged students, I will take dictation, writing in neat print on lined paper, and then let them copy the letter.
4. While it may seem like a great idea to spend the whole day in the kitchen baking, I have learned that after a couple of hours the fun wears off. I like to divide my baking into 2 or 3 separate sessions. Yes, you have to get everything out and then clean up the kitchen 2 or 3 separate times, but the mess is less, and overall it is more enjoyable to break it up. This year we are making oyster crackers and reindeer food on one day, bumpy cookies and special rice krispie goodies on another day, and on the last day I will prepare my Christmas Eve and Christmas Day foods...the parts that can be done in advance.

Happy List Making!

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  1. I had planned to do all my cooking/baking next Wednesday, but you've inspired me to start today!

    Thanks! Hope you're having a great week!