Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday's List

I finished everything on my list yesterday.....at 10:00 PM!
My list for today will not be quite as long because we have to go to the library to return books that are due today, and we are attending family gathering about an hour away this afternoon. I have to get everything done on my list today before 1:00--the time we have to leave.

1. exchange all of my Christmas dishes for the regular ones in my kitchen cabinet.
2. pack and store all of the Christmas display plates. I bought a new storage box for these. I have collected quite a few decorative dishes, and they will no longer fit in the chest in my dining room.
3. gather the Christmas books from around the house and pack them away.
4. remove Christmas cards from the wall--where they are displayed
5. regular chores--vacuum and mop the basement and the stairs leading to it.
6. wash, dry, fold, and put away 2 loads of laundry
7. run 5 miles
8. straighten the boys' room
9. prepare my dessert to take to the gathering

About the Christmas cards---I have always taped them to the door facings in the den/kitchen area and on the door that leads to our basement in order to display them. As Christmas Day draws nearer, we receive many cards a day, and I run out of room to display them. I saw on a few different blogs this year how some people put up a separate Christmas tree just to hang Christmas cards. I like this idea, but I don't have a spot for another tree. Each year as I take down the cards, I store them in a plastic box with my other Christmas decorations.....and we never get them out again. So now I have a new idea. I bought 2 scrapbooks yesterday at Hobby Lobby (50% off!). They are very cute--black with large white polka dots! I am going to tape all of the cards in the scrapbooks! Next year, as we receive cards, I am going to tape them in the scrapbook as soon as we get them; I am not going to tape them on the wall at all. I will display this Christmas Card Scrapbook in our den for everyone to enjoy. One day when I don't have anything else to do (Ha!) maybe I can put our past Christmas cards in scrapbooks too!

Christmas card addresses--if any of your Christmas cards were returned because the recipient had moved, make a correction in your address book or Word document right now! Then, throw those envelopes away! Make sure that throughout the year as you learn of other address changes that you make the corrections in your address document or book. I did this yesterday.

Don't forget to enjoy your children and involve them as you work. Julie and I played chess last night.....we have the neatest chess game that is called The Chess Teacher. It has all of the moves that each chess piece can make printed at the bottom of the piece (using arrows). Without the moves printed on the pieces, there is no way that I could play. Neat game!

Sam has been saddened by my putting away the Christmas stuff. He keeps saying, "Why are you taking it down? It's so beautiful!" I explained to him that it wouldn't be special if we kept it up all year long!

I better get busy!

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