Friday, January 5, 2018

Homemaking Goals for 2018

I started a new spiral bound notebook for 2018. This is in addition to my daily Erin Condren planner. I like to keep a spiral notebook for all kinds of lists that are too lengthy for my planner. I headed several pages with broad categories where I wanted to list things I wanted to accomplish this year in each area.  One of these is cleaning out. We have lived in our current home for 13 years. While we have been married one 26 years, this is the longest we have ever lived in one home. We have no plans to ever move from this house.

So. After living in one space for 13 years, we have acquired all kinds of clutter. You wouldn't see it if you walked into my house, but it is there, hidden! I assigned myself an area or room to each month of this year.  Here is my list.

  • January--storage room
  • February--kitchen
  • March--garage/back porch 
  • April--Sam's room
  • May--den/living area
  • June--my bedroom and bathroom
  • July--schoolroom 
  • August--the "secret room" (a room off of Olivia's closet that houses the kids' outgrown toys and lots of other stuff that needs to be purged!)
  • September--guest room and bathroom
  • October--laundry room and hall closet
  • November--foyer and dining room
  • December--Leah's room and the upstairs built in desks/bookshelves
I also have a detailed checklist of drawers, closets, shelves, etc. in each of the above rooms. While I want all the cleaning out done right now, I realize that it did not get junky overnight, and it will take me the entire year to get through it. I hope I do not lose my stamina!

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  1. I am in the midst of decluttering these days, too! Although my house is pretty wee, so it's pretty easy to get it done in the course of a week or so (which is what I'm doing in this time before we start school again on Monday).

    What I need is a whole year plan to tackle the garage. *THAT* is our scary space that really needs some purging!! But it's too cold now. I hope I can really knock it out in April, May, and June.

    It's so smart to make a list and assign each area to a month. Great idea!