Thursday, January 11, 2018

Cooking Around the World

Leah and I were face timing Julie, and she told us about a fun thing she and Big Sam are doing this year. Once a week they are cooking a meal from a country in Europe. I think she said there are 51 countries in Europe, so it should take them about a year to complete this adventure.

What a great idea! The wheels in my brain began to turn. We could do that! We could cook a meal from each country in our world. I think there are 193-195 countries currently. (I'll have to research that.) As part of our homeschool, Leah and Sam are studying Africa. I think that's where we will start. I am not sure how long this will take us, but hopefully if I am consistent, we can complete all the countries of the world before Leah goes to college! I am excited about how much fun this can be. When I plan my grocery list and menu for next week, I will choose our first country. I'm sure I will be able to find all the recipes and ideas I need online, but I may also purchase the book Life From Scratch by Sasha Martin which recounts one family's journey of cooking around the world.  She also has a blog, Global Table Adventure, which is full of ideas and recipes.

I am envisioning good food, interesting facts, and maybe even some related music or short books as we begin our culinary adventure. I'll try to take pictures and share each week's meal.

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