Friday, January 6, 2017

Wedding Dress Woes

Yesterday Olivia, Leah, and I spent the day in Memphis at three different bridal stores looking for Olivia a wedding dress. Olivia has a picture of the perfect wedding dress that she found online. It is from a well-known company (Allure) and that brand is sold in most bridal stores. However, the dress was discontinued in June of 2016, and as far as we can tell, no store in our area has it. One bridal shop we visited yesterday called the Allure warehouse to see if they still had the dress in their stock, and they did not. :( Actually they did have one, but it was ivory, and Olivia wants white.

We have found a few online stores that advertise they have this dress, but I am not going to buy a wedding dress online (wedding dresses are non-returnable, and who knows what I may end up with!), plus since I know the Allure warehouse no longer has the dress, where would they get this dress??

The dress is Allure M535. If any of you who live in a reasonable distance from me happen to be in a bridal store and see this particular dress, please contact me!

So, Olivia tried on lots and lots of wedding dresses. And just like when I was looking with Julie, there are no wedding dresses that fit our tastes! Both girls want a high neckline in both the front and back (just like a regular dress), and they both want some sort of sleeve (cap, flutter, or short). Guess what? There are no wedding dresses that fit that criteria. Either they are strapless, backless, or have a plunging neckline.  And very, very few dresses had sleeves...and if they had sleeves, they had no back, etc. If we can find a dress similar to the one in the above picture, Olivia will be so happy!
And let me also say that I want to find a pretty dress "as is". I don't want a piece of fabric sewn in to cover the back and then make the dress look tacky....know what I mean? Is that too much to ask?

As you know, Julie and my mother are sewing her wedding dress, and it is beautiful!  However, I am not giving up on finding the perfect dress for Olivia!


  1. That is a beautiful, classic dress! I will say a prayer that you find it. I'm way too far away to be helpful.

    Wedding dresses these days are AWFUL. When I was married (1999) there were very few strapless dresses. My neckline was high. I didn't have sleeves, but did wear opera-length gloves. Within just a few years, the strapless craze occurred and wedding fashion has been terrible ever since, in my opinion. I was hoping Kate Middleton's dress would inspire more sleeved options. My sister's dress was a beautiful full-lace ivory, classic, but the neckline was so low it was scandalous. Fortunately we had a very skilled dressmaker hem the dress (sister is short) and use that lace to artfully raise the neckline. You definitely could not tell that it had been altered.

    I hope Olivia will find her dream dress!

  2. Chatfields Bridal Boutique in St. Louis exclusively sells more modest dresses. I went with a friend to find her dress--they all had sleeves and the majority were really modern and pretty.

    1. Thank you for this suggestion. We actually live pretty far from St. Louis, but I am sure other people will find this information useful. :) Again, thank you so much!