Friday, November 11, 2016

Online Shopping Fun

Last year Leanna, Lynn, Lesley, and I started what we hoped would be an annual November tradition. We spent an entire day Christmas shopping!  We began around 7:30 AM, and we shopped at our local stores until 9:00 that night. It was exhausting, but oh, so much fun!  And we accomplished a lot. 

This year we looked and looked at our calendars, and there was no day that all of us had open to have an all day shopping day.  Sad!  So we decided to have an online shopping party. Tuesday night we met at Lynn's house (because she has the fastest, most reliable internet) around 5:00 PM. We ordered take-out salads for supper and had M&Ms for dessert! We all sat around Lynn's dining room table with our laptops, shopping magazines, and Christmas binders all spread out. We actually got a lot of shopping done.  The UPS man has been coming to my house every day since!

So here are your holiday hints for the week:
  1. Take inventory of your gift wrapping supplies and buy what you need. 
  2. Make a list of shopping you wish to do online, then set aside some time to actually shop online. Always be on the lookout for sales and free shipping coupons. (Usually found in the magazines and catalogs that companies mail to you.)
  3. Begin wrapping at least one present a day (if you have done some shopping or crafting).
  4. Set up a gift wrapping station. This can be a card table in the corner of your bedroom, in a room you don't use often, on your dining room table (but not the table where you eat all your don't want to have to clean up the wrapping station every time you need to eat). Make sure you place scissors, tape, pens, gift labels, wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags, and ribbon in your station. 

***Don't forget.  If you want to participate in our Monday Online Book Club, read the introduction to Better Than Before. We will discuss it this Monday. I'm so excited!

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  1. That sounds like it was fun!!!! I had my own online shopping party one night recently. Anyhow, I got so much done! I always want everything done by Thanksgiving, but my challenge is that my in-laws circulate a "wish list" (this includes our niece and nephew, aunts/uncles w/ whom we do a "Secret Santa", etc)...but not until the first week or so of December. So there are at least 8 gifts I just can't get before then.

    I wrapped 13 gifts on Monday night! (After getting wrapping paper, tags, etc on Monday at Target.) Unfortunately I don't have a place to keep everything laid out, so I've been really efficient with just having the wrapping paper, a bin of ribbons and tags, and the tape/scissors in one place that's easily transported to our schoolroom table. Then it's quick and easy to clean up the mess. My goal is to wrap gifts once or twice a week--wrap everything that I've purchased or made that week. Until we get our tree, the gifts live on the top of the upright piano in our family room. That's festive! I also keep a bag for each person's individual stocking, and put my stocking stuffers all together in the bag as I collect those things.

    This week my goal is to start making a few gifts and order Christmas cards.....!!