Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November's Goals

Well today is the first day of November!  Have you thought about what you would like to challenge yourself to accomplish for the next 30 days? Of course you can begin a 30 day challenge on any day of the month, but I am beginning a few things today. There is never the perfect time for really anything, so just do it now!

My Three November Goals

  1. Read my Bible every day. While I already have Bible reading as a well-established habit, it seems like about once a week I fail to read early in the morning, and then my day marches on, and I never get to it. Usually it's on my long run days--I have to leave my house at 6:10 to meet Leanna, and I don't set my alarm clock early enough to do any Bible study before it's time to leave.  For November I will read/study my Bible every single day. Which means if I skip it in the early morning, I must create time to do it before bedtime. 
  2. Blog 5 days a week. Blogging every single day is not going to happen, but I plan to post something 5 days a week. I'm not set on any particular 5 days each week; I'll do them as I can. 
  3. Wrap one Christmas gift each day. 

That's it. I like to set reasonable, attainable goals. 

Speaking of wrapping Christmas presents, I stocked up on wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby last weekend. They just put it out, and it's 40% off. I know they will eventually have it 50% off, but I need it now. 


  1. I am going to take the goal of wrapping one Christmas gift per day! I've got a little "gift stash" going but haven't wrapped anything yet! This is a great idea--I like having my gifts wrapped well in advance of Christmas, and we're getting our tree the day after Thanksgiving, so this way we'll have gifts under it as soon as it's up! Thanks!! :)

    1. My gift stash isn't that big yet, but I am doing most of my online shopping tomorrow, so by the end of the week I will have plenty to wrap. I may begin wrapping 2 presents per day in order to stay caught up. We will see! We get our tree a day or two before Thanksgiving so when my girls come home from college it is ready to decorate while they are here.

  2. Last year we moved right before the holidays, and I was so overwhelmed the entire season. So on New Year's Day, I put a bunch of reminders in my phone calendar--thanks to them, I've already got about half my gifts bought, cards ready to write and mail, and wrapping paper. It feels SO much better to be organized this year! I love all your tips--thank you for posting them; I'm always inspired when I'm here on your blog! :)

    1. Thank you for sharing! Wow! You really have accomplished a lot! I am so happy I gave myself the goal of wrapping one present a day for November. I am making myself do this each day, even if it's right before bedtime! I will be so glad I did when December gets here. :)