Wednesday, November 2, 2016

My Christmas Binder

I began keeping a spiral bound Christmas notebook in 2001. In 2007 I switched to a 3 ring binder with the following dividers:


  • This section is subdivided by year.
  • I create a document for each year in a table format with the following columns: To, Gift, Bought, Wrapped. I list the recipient's name and the gift. Then I put an x when I buy (or make the gift), and an x when I wrap the gift. On the pages that I create for my children, I make one page per child, and instead of having the To column, I have a From column. That is because I shop for my mother and my mother-in-law most years, and I can keep track of who is giving what to whom. This list is also handy for seeing what gifts I gave to others in years past.  I also love to look at what I gave my kids in years past, especially when they were younger.
  • I keep a list of the addresses I use for my Christmas cards. I reprint this list each year because I make changes on my computer on the master list as I get wedding announcements or sadly because some people pass away.
  • I also make a list of addresses for any parties that I send invitations.

  • I keep copies of party invitations in this section.
  • I also keep guest lists for various parties here.

  • This section has recipes for all the Christmas goodies we make and share each year.
  • I include menus for Christmas meals and parties.
  • Some years I have made labels for the homemade treats we give to others. I have the master copies of those labels in this section. I like to put who the goodies are for on these labels. This helps when distributing them.
And that's it. My Christmas Binder. It brings me great joy to keep this binder. 

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