Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Our Trip to Utah

A while back, on September 30, our family flew to St. George, Utah, for a week long vacation.  Well, actually we flew into Las Vegas and then rented a minivan for the two hour scenic trip to St. George. Jimmy and I made this same trip two years ago for him to run the St. George Marathon, but without any of our children.  We enjoyed it so much, and the landscape was so breathtaking, that we knew right away that we wanted to return and bring the children with us.  Sadly, Olivia was at college so she could not join us.  However, when she was home for her fall break, she viewed the hundreds of pictures Jimmy made while we were out there and her siblings told her all about their adventures.

We spent our days roaming around and taking short hikes in Snow Canyon and Zion National Parks. The mountains and vegetation is unlike anything we have here in Mississippi.  God's creation really is awesome!

The children, especially Leah and Sam, climbed many, many rocks!

We hiked The Narrows, part of which included a trek down the river.  That water was FREEZING!  Leah and I turned around before the end of this hike.  We waited on the others on a rock in the sun, trying to warm up!

This picture was taken just before we did the hike up to Angel's Landing.  Do you see the warning sign in the upper right hand corner?  I stayed pretty nervous on some of these hikes, fearful that Sam would fall!  We did not actually hike Angel's Landing, but we went up to the point where you can go on to that spot.  It's called Scout's Lookout. That was a dangerous enough hike in my opinion!

Everywhere we looked, the scenery was beautiful!

Jimmy ran the St. George Marathon again, and he did a great job!  He was slower than his last time on this course, but he finished strong and healthy.  Last time he injured himself, and it took him about a year to fully recover.  This picture was taken after the marathon, and you can see that he looks good and is smiling!

Another hike.  Those kids will climb on anything and anywhere!
I began to get a little claustrophobic in this part of the hike.

The day before we left we went back to Las Vegas in order to fly out the next morning. We attended a worship service at the same place we went the last time we were in town, and it was nice to see old friends.  Later that afternoon we took the children to Hoover Dam.  This picture is taken inside the dam. We also walked across the mile long pedestrian bridge that overlooks the river and the dam.  That made me a little nervous too.

Just before going to the airport for our flight home, Jimmy took the boys to the Lamborghini dealership.  They were THRILLED.  Both of them are really interested in Lamborghinis, and they were able to see numerous ones in person.  But they did not touch them!  One of the employees at the dealership was really nice and allowed Jimmy to take their picture with every single car (but no touching!).

This is a super short synopsis of a really wonderful trip.  It was very relaxing for me.  I ran 2 times while I was out there, and running in that altitude and up and down those hills proved to be a tough workout. I never set an alarm, and the days were so nice just spending time with my family and enjoying God's marvelous creation.

It was a good trip.

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