Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Our Valentine's Day

Our family had a fun time celebrating Valentine's Day.  We all love each other very much, so it was nice to show that to one another.

We have a few Valentine's Day traditions...nothing fancy or Pinterest-worthy, but it's what we do.  Jimmy gives each child a large heart-shaped box of Russell Stover chocolates (which they love!), and I buy them something practical or educational (which they pretend that they like.)  I like to think that they like my gift as much as that chocolate!  Even if it is new running socks or underwear.  (Yes,  I gave the children underwear for Valentine's Day one year…I noticed while folding clothes that everyone needed some, so I that's what I added to the fun gift of chocolate!)  

This year I went the educational route.   Julie received a new cookbook; Clay a book with 101 knife-making designs; Leah a Fancy Nancy book; and Sam, a Pete the Cat book.  The children all made Valentine's for each other, and I bought pretty Valentine's for them.

Jimmy took them Valentine's shopping earlier in the week, and the children bought some candy for Jimmy and me too.  Julie lovingly made homemade gummy squares for her siblings and the very best ever homemade chocolate peanut butter cups for me.  They are so delicious! 

 My Valentine's Day gifts from my sweet family.

 A heart-shaped chocolate pancake I made for our breakfast--Leah and I cut only two pancakes into heart shapes, the rest we just left as circles.  

My sweet gift from my dear husband:
My favorite candy of all inside my favorite drink (empty bottle) of all!

And now after all of this wonderful, delicious chocolate, I have got to make sure that I exercise every day!

As usual, the only sad part of the day was not being able to share it with sweet Olivia!  But when we visited her a couple of weeks ago, Jimmy took her a heart-shaped box of chocolate.  She was so excited, and did not eat it until Valentine's Day.  I sent her several Valentines in the mail along with some heart-shaped cookies (I did not bake them. I ordered them from Cheryl's--on sale, with a coupon and free shipping!)  We talked to her on Valentine's Day, and she reported that she had had such a fun week receiving packages.

Our family ended our special day by dining at Chick-Fil-A.  All together.  It really was nice.  

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  1. love that coke bottle! haha and your practical gift comment made me laugh! I still remember, when I went to college 9 hours away from home, how happy it made me when my mom sent me packages for the holidays! great memories!