Wednesday, February 12, 2014

No Snow

Well….we didn't wake up to 2-4 inches of snow.  In fact, we woke up to no snow at all, much to my children's disappointment.  All we have is drizzly cold rain.  The temperature is in the upper 30s, so it is still cold.  Just wet and cold.

We didn't have school today because Jimmy was off, so Leah and Sam have spent all day playing inside a tent.  They had it set up in the den until recently, but now they have moved it upstairs to Sam's room.  I am so happy that can play for hours together with rarely a conflict.  They are always pretending--they create their own little world with dolls (Leah) and stuffed animals (Sam).

I have had a little bit of down time while I am waiting for my clothes to dry, so I did a little blog reading.  I came across a post about why this mother still lays down with her seven year old son each night.  I can identify.  I think Sam will want me to lie down with him at night until he goes to college.  That's ok.  I will.  I never want to look back and wish that I had held/rocked/laid down beside my kids more.  I want no regrets.

I'm ready for sunshine and warmer temperatures.

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