Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ending the Summer With a Bang

As our carefree (ha!) summer days are winding down, we are trying to cram in as much as possible before the long days of school begin.  While I have been busy, busy, busy preparing for the upcoming school year, Jimmy has helped me out tremendously by taking the children on fun and exciting outings.  Yesterday he took Leah and Sam on a field trip to our local "zoo", the Tupelo Buffalo Park.  I have not visited the Buffalo Park in over 7 years, and  Leah and Sam have never been.  It is minutes from our house!  I pass it every time I drive to meet Lynn and other friends for our long run, and I always think, "I need to bring Sam and Leah here!"

They saw the world's largest giraffe in captivity (23 feet)--Leah has already drawn a picture of him in her journal.  They also learned all about the bison that live right here in Mississippi.  When Leah and Sam got home, they excitedly told me every single detail of what they saw and did at the Buffalo Park.  The field trip was a success!

After the field trip, Jimmy took Olivia for her driver's test, and she got her driver's license!  Yes!  She can drive now!  I am so, so grateful to Jimmy for teaching Olivia to drive, driving countless hours with her for practice, and then taking her for the final test.  I must admit that I have ridden with Olivia driving only two or three times!

Today, the fun continues!  Jimmy plans to take all of the children, plus one friend to Dismal Canyons in Alabama.  I will stay here--finishing up my school planning and cleaning, and also running some last minute before school starts errands.  The summer is rapidly ending!

I think we will have our Back to School Treasure Hunt on Sunday afternoon (and I have already bought the really fun treasure), so that we will be ready to hit the ground running Monday morning.  Not only do we begin school Monday, we also begin piano lessons that day, which means that our first day back to school will have to end at lunch.  I am still working on adjusting the children's work so that being finished with schoolwork by lunch is an actual possibility.

I am going to get started on my to-do list now!

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  1. Can't wait to see photos of the school room!! The treasure hunt sounds very cool!