Thursday, July 28, 2011

Two Big Milestones!

1.  Sam lost his first tooth last night!  My baby!  I cannot believe he is old enough to lose teeth!

2.  Both Sam and Leah are riding their bikes without training wheels!
Several months ago they asked Jimmy to take off their training wheels. He did, and after a day or two of tears and frustration, they wanted the training wheels put back on.

For the last few months, neither of them have ridden bikes that much. They have just been busy with other things.

Yesterday, Sam decided to get a bigger bike (Clay's old one), one without training wheels, out of the shed and try to ride it.  Success!  Just like that --he could ride a two-wheeler.  Leah found out about it and she went to the shed to retrieve Julie's old bike.  It fit her, and guess what?  Without much effort or trauma, she can ride too!  Wow!

So now, my little children are growing up right before my eyes!  I still can't believe that I will actually be doing school with Sam in just one short week.  He is still a baby!

They are both so proud!


  1. Yay, Sam and Leah! We are so proud of you!

  2. Please tell me it isn't so!! Your little Sam and my little Hope are almost the same age. I am dreading the day when she loses her first tooth. They grow up too fast...