Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stick With It Saturday

Samantha over at The Kelley Eight, frequently blogs on Saturdays about her exercising report for the week.  I am always encouraged when I read about other busy mothers making time for exercise, and I also love to celebrate with them their accomplishments.  So today, I will share my exercising for the week.

But first, I must share that this week has not been the best--exercise wise for me.  I am short 15 miles this week.  15 miles!  It's ok though.  I will begin again on Monday, and I will get all of my miles in next week.  (In the running world, new weeks begin on Mondays.)

Monday:  Rest day.  I was super sore after Sunday night's CrossFit workout which included 5 quarter mile sprints.
Tuesday:  Ran 3 miles followed by a CrossFit workout.
Wednesday:  Ran 6 miles.
Thursday:  Ran 2 miles followed by a CrossFit workout.  This one included 50 box jumps.  I have mastered the box jump!  But my knee was hurting a little bit yesterday....
Friday:  Planned to run 14 miles at 6:15 AM, but one of my running partners woke up with a high fever and the other one (Lynn) is in New York City!  With her husband Kelly.  So I never ran yesterday.  I just couldn't motivate myself to run 14 miles on the treadmill.  I began working on my school stuff instead.
Saturday:  That's today!  I have considered running my long run on the treadmill.....but I have talked myself out of it!  I do not want to spend 2.5-3 hours on the treadmill today.  Instead, I have planned a marathon school planning session!  So that leaves Sunday.....
Sunday:  Crossfit is planned for tomorrow night with our group.  It may or may not include a little bit of running, and I may or may not run an extra mile or two for a warm up or cool down.  Bottom line:  I was supposed to run 26 miles this week, and so far I have run only 11.

Some weeks are like that.

Next week's running mileage is 28.  I will get those miles in.  Check back next Saturday to see if I actually did!


  1. Thanks Roan ;) for reminding me that I have been slacking with my Saturday posts...sigh. I have been so busy lately that I have not been posting. I missed several workouts when we cam back from vacation, like 2 weeks....and I have been back into the swing this week. I just haven't blogged about it.

    Great job :) I still don't run, but I want to like it.

  2. We can't reuse towels at my house because of the kids' skin issues. I should start hanging clothes to dry. In this heat they'd be dry in about 5 minutes! Maybe that will be next : ). I still manage to run my dishwasher only once per day. Maybe I just cram stuff in every which way! Of course, I can be overheard saying, "You don't really need a plate for that, do you?"

  3. Wow, 2.5-3 hours on a treadmill? And to think I dread 30 min. Kind of puts things into perspective for me.
    I have greatly slacked off on exercise because I have been sleeping in a bit this summer. In spite of that I have lost 12lbs. Imagine what I would have lost if I had been working out!
    You are an inspiration!