Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hello Out There!

I have so much that I want to blog about.....Rustic Youth Camp, our fun Fourth of July celebration, school and VBS prep....

But I have been sick!  Nothing serious, but a pretty bad sore throat and now a full-blown cold.  Just enough to make me feel tired and keep me from functioning at full speed.  Julie, Leah, and Sam have all had swimmer's ear, and Leah has had a sore throat as well.

I finally finished the camp laundry--the grand total (using my large front loading washer) was 13 loads!  I skipped laundry yesterday (just fell too yukky), so today my washer and dryer will be working hard again!  I also need to have an ironing marathon.

I took 10 days off from exercising.  10 days!  I can't remember the last time I rested for that many days.  I only took off 7 days after my marathon.  Anyway, between camp preparations, actually attending camp, camp recovery, and then getting sick, I skipped a total of 10 days!  The good thing is, my knees have stopped hurting!  So resting from the jumping in the Insanity workouts has proved to be beneficial.  I jumped right back into running on Tuesday of this week.  Tuesday morning, Jimmy and I ran 6 miles on a trail.  I am not a big trail running fan, but this trail on the Natchez Trace was actually nice, and I did enjoy the run.  I think it was the company rather than the actual trail!  Yesterday, Jimmy and I met my friend  Amber for a 10 mile run--on the road.  I was pretty sore yesterday, but not injured.  And my knees still feel great!  I am planning on doing an Insanity workout later today, but not do any of the jumps.

I am working hard on preparing for our upcoming VBS.  Our VBS lasts for 4 days, and I am teaching the K-2 grade class.  I am anticipating 12-15 students.  My lessons are:

  1. Elijah and the 450 prophets of Baal
  2. Ezekiel and the dry bones
  3. Gideon and the 300 men
  4. Balaam and the donkey
Well, that's about all that is going on around here....I did my monthly Walmart shopping yesterday, and I bought some school supplies!  They are already putting everything out and selling it at a super low price.  I bought a few things at Staples too.  I mostly stocked up on glue, glue sticks, pencils, spiral notebooks, composition books, construction paper, and notebook paper.  That is really all that we need.  I need to restock our paint supply, and I plan on getting some new binders for the children, but that is about all for this year.

Most of the pictures from camp and all of the ones from July the 4th are all on Jimmy's computer.  I hope to get on there today and choose some for my blog.  We had a really, really fun Fourth of July with some of our dear friends.

Have a good summer day!

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