Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Week

We have had a fun and productive first week of summer break. I cleaned the entire house from top to bottom (with the help of my housekeeper and my older girls!), and I also whittled a little from my huge ironing pile. The girls and I have been ironing quite a bit, and we have less than half to go! I am not sure how my ironing got so piled up, but it was a mountain!

Earlier this week, Olivia and Julie were invited to spend the day with a friend, and yesterday Clay spent the day and night with his best friends (who are brothers). Leah, Sam and I spent a lot of time in the pool this week. They are both enjoying the pool so much this summer. They are both completely unafraid! Leah is swimming all over the place, and Sam is too--with his life jacket on. They are both taking swimming lessons next week, and I expect that Sam will be able to swim without his life jacket by the end of the week. For safety, I will still require him to wear the life jacket unless I am in the pool with him. Accidents happen!

We are planning a short trip to the beach later this summer, and the children are so excited! Julie and Leah have spent most of yesterday and today sewing and appliqueing seashell bags for all five children. They are so cute! They did this completely by themselves! Julie did the appliqueing, and Leah sewed all of the straight seams.

the finished seashell bags

a girl bag

a boy bag

Olivia spent most of the day Wednesday at our church building working on VBS. She will be helping teach the Kindergarten-2nd grade class this year. She is very excited to step into the role of teacher!

Olivia with her finished Paul

I have had a good running week! I ran with friends twice this week, and both times were so much fun! Tomorrow morning our family is running the Elvis 5K. It is called Running With the King! I am sure Elvis will be there, running in full costume!

Next week will be busy as well. The older girls have a running day camp, Leah and Sam have swimming lessons, Sam has a dental appointment, and we have weddings to attend both this Saturday and the next! On the days we are home, we will be diligently working on our summer lists--both the productive and fun ones. I have already crossed some things off of my summer list, and that is a great feeling!

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  1. Fun summer so far! See you at the wedding!