Monday, June 28, 2010

Our Memorial Day

I know this is about a month late, but this summer has really gotten away from me! We finished school the week before Memorial Day, and we were ready to celebrate the beginning of summer!

I spent most of the morning preparing our Memorial Day meal. The menu: grilled chicken breasts, steak, pork, and vegetable shish-ka-bobs, boiled new potatoes, salad, rice krispie treats, banana cake and homemade vanilla ice cream.

Our guests included Jimmy's parents (Granmomma and Pop) and his sister's children (Will and his friend Ellie, Seth, and Gracie). As soon as Pop arrived, he began grilling for me.

Doesn't that look good?

The cousins had a super time visiting and laughing! They played in the schoolroom and all through the house. They played basketball and hung around outside. The younger children swam, and before everyone left, Sam took Granmomma on a walk in our woods.

Seth and Clay enjoying their meal.

Sam, Gracie, and Leah on the right

Will and his friend Ellie

Sam leading Granmomma through the woods.

Sam beginning to cross the bridge

Almost across!

It scares me every time the children cross this bridge. I don't even like to cross it myself.

Spending Memorial Day with part of our family was a memorable day.

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