Monday, June 7, 2010


What a crazy week we have ahead!

It really started last night. I ran 9 miles with a couple of friends after our church service last night. There is a group of runners at our church who bring their running clothes on Sunday and Wednesday nights, and just run from the church building's parking lot a variety of distances. I have discovered that I really enjoy running at night. I arrived home at 10:20 last night, and by the time I got Leah and Sam to bed (they waited up on me!), and then got myself ready for bed, it was almost midnight!

I had a hard time sleeping after that long run, and then I overslept! I needed to leave the house at 6:40 AM to take the older girls to their running camp, and I woke up at 6:30! Thankfully, the girls had set their alarms, so they were up, dressed, packed and ready when I finally woke up. We left only 10 minutes later than I had planned for the hour drive to their running day camp site. This camp meets all week long, so I get to make this drive every day, twice a day this week! I am planning to meet a friend whose children are attending the camp too. She lives about halfway to the camp, and she will take the girls the rest of the way for me some of the days this week. That will really help.

I picked up two of Clay's friends to spend the day here with him. Then we ran three errands and were back home by 9:00. Now I have just a little bit of time until it is time to take Leah and Sam to their swimming lessons at 10:30 (they have lessons all week too!). I'll have to leave at 3:30 to pick up the girls from camp, and then get back home for baths, supper and then church! Our church is having a Gospel Meeting nightly this week at 7:30 PM. The guest evangelist is Wilson Adams, who is doing a wonderful job. Very inspiring! Bro. Adams is also the co-author of a book I previously blogged about, A Life Lost...and Found.

In between, I will be cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and working on VBS and Rustic Youth Camp lesson plans.

I need another cup of coffee!

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  1. Sounds busy! While you are doing all that, I'll hopefully soon be relaxing on the beach. :) But I know you love it and are thankful for all those little blessings.