Friday, February 16, 2018

Cooking Around the World: South Sudan

Way back on January 29, I cooked and served a South Sudanese meal. It was not as yummy as the Egyptian meal, but again, my family were good sports and ate what I had prepared. I downloaded an album from a South Sudanese musician, and we listened to it while cooking and eating.  (I can't remember the artist's name.....and I have already deleted the album from my Apple music.)

I cooked South Sudanese Tomato Salad, Sudanese Kirsa, and Peanut Stew With Beef and Spinach Combo. I used recipes I found on Global Table Adventure.

 the tomato salad
I really liked this, but I love tomatoes. Leah and Sam are not fans of tomatoes, so I am not sure if they even tried a bite.

 the beef, peanut, and spinach stew
This was interesting! Not my favorite (the peanut butter taste was a little strange to me.)

the kirsa
This flatbread was the best part of the meal!

I have not cooked from another country since this day. The first week of February we were in Florida for a week visiting Clay and attending some of the Florida College Lectures. We also went to Disneyworld for one day while we were down there!

This week I have been cooking normal American food because I had to make my grocery list during the 12 hour road trip home last Saturday, and I just did not have the energy nor brain cells to research and plan an international meal. I scheduled my grocery pick up from Walmart that very night when we arrived home.

I bought my groceries today for next week, and I have planned a Mexican meal. Yum! One of Clay's good friends in college has grandparents who live in Mexico. His mother cooks authentic Mexican food (he told me all about it), and he helped me plan my Mexican menu. I bought two products that are new to me.  I cannot wait to cook and eat this meal!

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  1. The South Sudanese food looks so good...and I'm sure the Mexican will be awesome. I love Mexican food. :) I cook a lot of Indian-inspired food...curries, masala, etc!