Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wedding Planning Fun

The wedding planning is in full swing!  I have finally assembled my Wedding Planning Binder complete with 10 tabs. I made this checklist, patterning it after multiple checklists I found online and also in a Southern Living wedding planner. None of the checklists were exactly what I needed, so I made my own!  Maybe someone else can use it too. 

Wedding Planning Checklist

  • Set a date
  • Determine your budget
  • Create a wedding planner binder
  • Decide on guest size
  • Book ceremony site
  • Book reception site
  • Book officiant
  • Book photographer
  • Book caterer
  • Book florist
  • Book cake maker
  • Create a Pinterest board
  • Select wedding party
  • Choose a wedding director

  • Research wedding gowns
  • Choose theme/colors for wedding
  • Choose bridesmaids' dresses
  • Choose bridesmaids' shoes

  • Buy wedding dress
  • Buy headpiece/veil
  • Buy wedding jewelry
  • Buy wedding shoes
  • Create guest list
  • Obtain addresses
  • Create rehearsal dinner guest list/addresses
  • Register for wedding gifts
  • Check engagement/wedding announcement policy for Daily Journal
  • Choose groomsmen attire
  • Choose bridesmaids' shoes
  • Choose bridesmaids' jewelry
  • Choose music for ceremony
  • Secure sound person
  • Begin looking at wedding invitations.
  • Meet with cake lady
  • Meet with florist
  • Meet with caterer
  • Plan ceremony and reception decorations:
  • Order wedding invitations
  • Order thank-you notes
  • Order rehearsal dinner invitations
  • Arrange wedding transportation
  • Shop for wedding rings
  • Plan/order any ceremony accessories.

  • Address wedding invitations
  • Purchase cake accessories
  • Reserve rental items
  • Order reception accessories (guest book, seating sign, napkins, plates, etc.,)
  • Shop for wedding party gifts
  • Ask cake servers

  • Assemble wedding invitations
  • Check postage/buy stamps
  • Finalize arrangements with all vendors (florist, caterer, sound, cake lady, photographer)
  • Order mens' suits
  • Book hotel rooms for out of town guests
  • Purchase mother dress
  • Make hair appt. for wedding day

  • Mail invitations (April 5)
  • Make wedding programs
  • Use wedding list to keep track of RSVPs
  • Final dress fitting
  • Make seating plan for rehearsal dinner
  • Make place cards
  • Print wedding programs
  • Buy all wedding party gifts
  • Plan and practice the flip

  • Get marriage license/blood test
  • Finalize wedding music
  • Finalize reception music
  • Update RSVP list
  • Check on bridesmaids' dresses/shoes
  • Check on men's suits/shoes
  • Organize all wedding supplies
  • Write thank you notes
  • Wrap wedding party gifts
  • Confirm duties (flower pinners, cake servers)
  • Practice wedding day hairstyle
  • Select/buy rehearsal dinner dress

  • Make welcome baskets for hotel rooms
  • Plan wedding day snacks
  • Confirm all reservations and services
  • Give final guest count to caterer
  • Make out checks and envelopes for all vendors
  • Try on wedding dress, veil, shoes, etc.
  • Get mani/pedi
  • Pack for honeymoon
  • Pack wedding day emergency kit
  • Shop/assemble wedding day snacks for wedding party
  • Type detailed plan of wedding day for the directors

  • Breathe
  • Give directors timeline
  • Bring emergency kit
  • Enjoy the day!

My wedding planner tabs include: Attire, Budget, Calendar, Ceremony, Flowers, Guests, Important, Reception, Rehearsal, and Stationery.


  1. This sounds so fun, Roan! I love a good checklist. :)

  2. Excellent post! Thanks for sharing it as this post really helped me to arrange my nephew’s wedding at one of popular Los Angeles venues. I also prepared a planning list for the event and everything went accordingly. He really liked my work and appreciated my efforts.