Friday, October 21, 2016

More 30 Days of Fun

Toward the end of my Whole 30, I realized the principle of doing something for only 30 days could be applied to so many things. The possibilities of things one could accomplish in 30 days are endless.

Here are some ideas I have:

  • blogging daily for 30 days
  • reading the New Testament in 30 days
  • wrapping at least one gift a day (This would be a great challenge to attempt close to Christmas holidays.)
  • writing one letter a day to different people
  • running at least 2 miles a day
  • working on a sewing or crafting project (Set a minimum time goal each day--15 minutes.)
  • cleaning out closets or storage areas in your home (Set a minimum time goal for this too.)
I am so excited to choose one of the above 30 day challenges and to get started. I can't decide which one to begin with!

Can you think of other 30 day goals you can set for yourself?

***Update on my "sweet tooth". It's back!  :)  I tried the sugar cookie again today, and it tasted good! I have decided to not do the official reintroduction phase of Whole 30. I am not eating every unhealthy thing in sight, but I have enjoyed tortilla chips the last two days!  I still have not had a Coke, and if you know me, you know this is a big deal. I am not craving one, so I plan to go a bit longer without drinking one.  I have, however,  developed a taste for unsweet tea.

Share your 30 day challenges.  I love a challenge, and I love getting new ideas from people.

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  1. I am actually starting a 100-day challenge for myself in the morning! Funny to come here and read this! It's 102 days until January 31, and I'll be taking both Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day off. But I'm committing to NO SUGAR (except on those days off, of course) and to exercising every day except Sundays, unless we do a Sunday hike b/c we often hike on nice Sunday afternoons.

    My husband just finished up a huge challenge of about 9 months of total veganism with no desserts/sugar (not even on his birthday)--very extreme, but he was in training to win a 5K. He won it last Saturday! So he's trying to regroup and think of what his next challenge will be. I told him tonight what mine is....and then laughingly told him "I'm telling you this so I have to be accountable to someone." Then I came here and read about the "obliger" personality and thought--oh yeah, that's me. ;)

    I am eager to see which of the 30-day challenges you pick for yourself!!