Thursday, July 7, 2016

Planning and Canning

Well. Summer is in full swing around here.  For me, summer means planning for the upcoming school year and also tackling projects that I cannot do during the regular school year--things like canning, cleaning out closets and drawers, and deep cleaning. All of these activities actually bring me great joy.

We didn't plant a garden this year.  After last year's traumatic experience with the deer eating my entire garden, I just needed a break from the commitment and work of having a garden.   However, I am still canning, but instead of fresh produce, I am canning jars and jars of dried beans.  I ordered 100 pounds of dried beans from Azure earlier this month.  I also had lots of bean from my order last I am going to can until I run out of jars.  I actually started today.  My canner holds 19 pints at a time, so today I plan to can two batches.  I am not sure how many jars I have, but I'm guessing I have at least 100.

As far as school planning goes, I have planned 10 weeks of one subject.  Lynn, Leanna, and I are going to do a "co-op". We are all studying American government and the presidents, and we have planned three group meetings.  During these meetings the children will give brief oral presentations about an assigned subject or president. We also planned various other learning activities and games to review what we covered at home.  Leah and Sam have never done a co op like this, and I anticipate they will love it!  When Olivia, Julie, and Clay were younger I participated in co ops similar to this for many years.  They have fond memories this, and I hope that Leah and Sam will as well.

That leaves me lots more planning to do!  I now have to condense Core F of Sonlight to roughly 24 weeks.  (Since we are spending 10 weeks on the presidents and government.)  I also have to make decisions regarding which curriculum to use for Clay's economics and American Government courses.  I am considering using something different from what I used for Olivia and Julie.  Then I have to make my shopping list for things such as math, worldly wise, daily grams, Apologia elementary science, etc.  I hope to place my order for school books and materials next week.

The timer beeped (the beans are ready to process), so I better get back to the stove!

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