Friday, July 15, 2016

Time Management

I have been struggling with time management recently.  I have so much that I want to accomplish, and each day goes by without much of my list crossed off.  My goals aren't that impressive, it's just basic things that I want to do.  But somehow I always run out of time.

Here are some of the things forever on my "list". 
  • daily Bible reading/study/prayer
  • exercise (running and CrossFit)
  • meal planning
  • cooking our meals
  • housekeeping (cleaning and keeping the daily clutter under control)
  • visiting family (close by and far away)
  • having people over for a meal
  • school planning
  • deep cleaning my house
  • blogging
  • yard work
  • cleaning out closets, drawers, storage areas, etc.
  • laundry and ironing
  • reading
  • school preparation (in addition to planning)
  • errands
  • grocery shopping
  • bill paying/emails/computer work/etc.
  • doing something fun with the kids
  • doing something fun with Jimmy

I find that if I concentrate on one area, the other areas fall apart.  For instance, if I spend the morning working on school stuff, then I fall behind on the laundry.  If I spend 3-4 hours cleaning the house, I never get to reading or the yard work, and then it's time for supper!

I know in my head what to do.  Prioritize.  Make a list.  Work on lots of different things for short periods of time.  Figure out a weekly cleaning/shopping/computer work schedule, and then follow it. 
But I find that lately I can't even formulate a plan!  My brain is tired.

I have a short vacation with Jimmy coming up soon. We are going on a little getaway to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. I hope during that time I can relax, regroup, and be ready to tackle life when I get home. I have several "just for fun" books that I'm taking with me.

Please feel free to share any time management tips or words of wisdom.

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