Thursday, June 2, 2016

Housecleaning, Soap Scum, and Mops

Back in March, my friend Heather W. shared with me her spring cleaning list.  It was from Although I did not do much spring cleaning in March (I mostly did yard work), I spent a good bit of time reading through the Clean Mama website.  I loved it!  I ordered her book, The Organically Clean Home, and I have tried several cleaning recipes from it.  I like the way the cleaners work and smell, and I have enjoyed making them too.  So far I have tried some of the bathroom, kitchen, and floor cleaners.

My next homemade cleaning project will be laundry detergent.  I made laundry detergent a few years ago, but it was liquid, and I really wash not happy with it.  This time I plan to make powdered detergent.  I'll let you know how it works when I make it.

Soap scum:  Yuk!  I have a build up of soap scum on my glass shower door, and I can not get it off. I have tried everything I can think of---ideas both from my new cleaning recipe book as well as ideas from Pinterest.  Here is what I have tried, that did not work:

  • a mixture of borax and hot water
  • a cut lemon, rubbed on the door
  • rubbing alcohol
  • magic eraser
  • vinegar
  • baking soda
  • vinegar and baking soda together
  • lime away cleaner
  • comet
  • bleach
  • windex

The soap scum is still there!  Do you have anything that you have used to clean a shower door that actually works?

Mops: I am searching for the perfect mop.  
  • I really, really do not like using a traditional mop and mop bucket.  After one rinsing of the dirty mop, I feel like I am mopping the rest of the floors with dirty mop water.
  • I have been through 2 steam mops over the years. (I like them, but I keep wearing them out).
  • I have tried making my own reusable wipes for a swiffer (and I really like these cloths I am making --recipe is in The Organically Clean Home, but I can tell that I will be breaking my swiffer pole soon.  It is so flimsy.  And my microfiber cloths are too big for the swiffer head (I actually cut and serged the edges of a couple to them to make them fit)
  • I think I want a sturdy mop pole with washable cloths that stay on the mop head (like with elastic or something). I need several of the cloths so I can mop many rooms at one time. 
Do any of you know of a mop and mop cloth set that works?  I think I want microfiber since all of my floors are hardwood.  Any suggestions?

Happy Cleaning!


  1. I would suggest a Bona hardwood floor spray mop. That's what I have always used--since we installed wood floors 6 years ago--and it is wonderful. The mop head is a pad (microfiber, I think) that is detachable via velcro and washable. It's sturdy and the Bona cleaner is the best, in my opinion. It's quick and easy to use. I also have one for our basement floors, which are made of vinyl plank (looks like wood, but it's vinyl)--and I use their tile/laminate flooring cleaner on that. I love it!

    I have had some luck with the stinky and not organic Scrubbing Bubbles on shower doors, but my neighbor is a professional cleaner (she cleans mansions for a living! really!!!) and she always knows exactly what to use because her job is to keep those places perfectly perfect all the time. I'll let you know if she has any suggestions.

  2. I'm also in the market for a new mop. My steam mop quit working and I also do not like traditional mops. My grandmother suggested a Norwex mop. I have not purchased one, but I know she really likes hers.
    I love Shaklee's scour off for cleaning hard to clean surfaces in my bathroom. We have well water so it's hard to keep things clean!

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Some of my FB friends have recommended Bona and Norwex mops. Both are a little bit more expensive than what I want to spend right now. I found a mop on Amazon that I ordered. It's called 18" professional microfiber mop with washable/detachable microfiber pads. I'll see how I like it!

  3. For the soap scum on the shower door---use Bar Keeper's Friend (the powder, not the liquid). I just put some in a cup and take it into the shower with me, and use a washcloth to rub the powder all over the glass and then rinse....I could not believe that it worked when so many other things failed. Hope this helps!