Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hello Blog

I am still here.  We have all enjoyed so much having my two college girls home for a month.  Olivia had to fly back on Thursday (she is in the school musical and had to go back early for practice), and I will be taking Julie to the airport on Monday.  It has been a fun and really packed month.

I began our homeschool studies last Monday.  I had to make two road trips last week, and we had company for part of the week (and that was so much fun!), so we did some school each day, but only one day of all subjects.  In the book Better Than Before than Lynn, Leanna, and I are reading for our running book club, Gretchen says to remember progress, not perfection.  So that may be my new motto.  I have been discouraged for some time now over my lack of being successful in various areas of my life.  Lately I succumb to giving up when I can't do it all or just like I envision it. But that really is not good.

So I am going to aim for progress.

I set many, many New Year's goals.  In fact, I gave each month a theme!  However, I was discouraged the very first day when I failed to meet my checklist.  But since it's just January 9, so I have still have time.
I did begin the B90 Challenge (read the entire Bible in 90 days). So far I have been able to keep up with that, and this goal is the most important one I have set for the next three months.

I've been taking pictures of a few of my favorite things (just random things), and I plan to share those soon.

Happy January!


  1. I love that motto! I totally agree!

    I got a journaling Bible and my 9-year old got one too. Our goal is to read and journal together 5 days a week. We just got them on Friday.

  2. Roan, I just want to say--I love your blog! I like to come in every so often for some fresh homeschool inspiration, organizing inspiration (we share that love/passion), and so on. Whether you post only occasionally or daily, I enjoy reading your posts. And I think I use ALL your Christmas goodie recipes every year!! :)