Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bento Bowls

When we were in Japan in Epcot at Disney, the girls and I found the cutest cookbook ever….Bento Boxes.  It had beautiful photographs and recipes for the most fun and precious lunches ever.  I read a little bit about bento boxes when I got home, and I discovered that it is the thing in Japan. Apparently, Japanese mothers spend lots of time creating these lunches for their children to take to school each day. The foods are cut into all kinds of shapes and even fashioned to resemble animals!

When we got home, I ordered two bento box cookbooks--the one I saw at Disney as well as another one with recipes for adult lunches.

I have not tackled making a bento box.  I could tell that it takes a good bit of time, and our lunches are usually whatever you can find in the refrigerator or pantry.

But Olivia decided to tackle the bento box lunch.  Except that we don't have any cute Bento boxes, so she used my cute Fiestaware bowls.  

Olivia spent about two and a half hours this morning creating six beautiful and delicious bento bowl lunches from scratch!  

A labor of love.

And it was a fantastic lunch!  Just fantastic!

a boiled egg cut in a tulip shape
brown rice
sesame spinach (so yummy!)
homemade "pickles"--cucumbers in flower shapes with vinegar, etc.
homemade sushi!
and various fruit cut in fun shapes

Isn't this the most precious lunch?

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