Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Back to the Blog

As my 7 year blog anniversary approaches, I figured I better get back to blogging!

I also need to update my profile picture......I certainly have more gray hair than that picture shows.

So what all has been going on in the last month?

  • Olivia turned 20, and is home from college for the summer. I flew down there last Monday, cleaned out her dorm room and packed her up, and we drove all the way home on Thursday.
  • Julie graduated from the Johnson Homeschool last Friday night. We had 24 graduates in our local homeschool organization, and the ceremony was really nice and special.
  • I have taken the children to three track meets--one that was run well and ended at a respectable time, and two (same location) that lasted SO LONG that we got home a little before 1 AM each time! We actually have one more track meet this week at that same location. I can't wait. (just kidding). Watching my kids and their friends is lots of fun. Driving home when I am worn out....not so much fun.
  • We had our Keepers At Home end of the year dinner and pin awarding night. Leah earned several pins including laundry, cookie baking, etiquette, and patience. I forgot to order her a pin for general Bible memory, which is pretty important because she has learned a ton of Bible verses (one per week).
  • Jim (my father-in-law) finished his 6th chemo treatment yesterday. I haven't blogged about it, but he was diagnosed with cancer of the bile duct back in January. He has been in the hospital here in Tupelo a few times for various treatments, procedures, and surgeries, but he will be going to St. Louis later this month for further evaluation and treatment. His attitude has been super! We are all fervently praying for him and for Jimmy's mama too as they go through this trial.
  • Megan and Russ (and Millie Janalee and Smith) are moving 20 MINUTES AWAY FROM ME next month! Isn't that great?
  • I have read a few really good books recently, and I am currently reading a couple of more interesting, thought-provoking ones. I plan to share about all of them soon.
  • And. I hope to get back into the habit of blogging.......


  1. Enjoy having Olivia home for the summer! . . . Congratulations to Julie AND to you! She has been so kind to my girls through the years and is such a wonderful role model for them to look up to of a young lady who loves the Lord and loves her family. . . Go, Spartans! We hope that the track season ends well for your sweet, lightning-fast Senior. . . We have really missed you and Leah in Keepers, but I am excited for your new group and hope that it got off to a terrific start for the first year. . . We will continue to pray for Jimmy's dad's healing and for his mom as she cares for him. You are all in our prayers as you support him through his treatments. . . Hooray for family moving closer! . . . Summer is right around the corner!

  2. Roan, I'll bet you are so excited about having Millie Janalee and Smith within hugging distance!! We are still 3 weeks away from our summer!! Dreaming of lots of pool time and summer reading! Have the most wonderful Mother's Day with all your sweet children!!