Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Christmas Card Tree

Last year I started a new tradition…..hanging our Christmas cards on this little artificial tree.  I saw this idea on someone's blog, and I thought it was such a great idea.  We had this unused tree, leftover from when it used to be on display in one of my dormer windows.  We replaced it with a different (and much prettier) kind of tree, and so this tree needed a home.

It is a small, not-so-full tree, but the lights really give it sparkle, and it is a fun way to display the cards.  I hang them with plain brown clothespins, but if you were really creative, you could paint them red and green, or decoupage them, or cover them with cute scrapbooking paper, etc.  Or you could just leave them natural!

I think I had some red and green fabric to serve as a tree skirt for this tree last year.  I have not come across it this year…..but I plan to cover the bottom with presents that will go to our Simmons Christmas party as soon as I get them wrapped, so that will make it look better.

Speaking of Christmas cards, ours came in yesterday!  And with the help of my elves named Clay, Leah, and Sam, we got them all stuffed, addressed, and stamped, and ready to go last night.  I will mail them today!  Hooray!

Today's Holiday Hint:
Make a list of what special Christmas treats/cookies/goodies/etc. that you plan to make.  Are you going to share them with others?  Do you need something to take to a party?  Plan the quantity that you need and make a master shopping list for all of the ingredients.  I am going to buy my special ingredients over the next few days.  We plan to begin our holiday baking next Monday.  Fun!

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  1. I love the Christmas card tree idea!! I never know what to do w/ Christmas cards--I don't have a good 'doorway' for hanging them or anything else that looks right, but a cute tree in our schoolroom would be perfect!!! Our schoolroom doesn't have a tree...I'll be trying to find one this year!

    And last night I spent two hours at the grocery store gathering *EVERYTHING* we will need for the holiday baking this year. (Okay, everything except the fruitcake fruits, which I buy at another store.) Whew! ;)