Friday, July 25, 2014

Planning, Not Canning

Yesterday I spent every spare moment that I had planning for our upcoming school year.  I thought about blogging the process, but I did not want to take the time out yesterday while I was working.  I hope to finish it all up today.

I also redid our chore charts and made a new school day schedule.  I was concerned at first that there was no way to fit all subjects in the day, but I think I have a workable plan.  It requires that we begin at 8:00 AM.  That is not a problem, except that I also crazily signed up for a marathon in December.  So, I am not sure how I am going to get a long run in and still be ready for school at 8:00 AM.  Thankfully, the long run is only once a week, and I can do it on Saturdays sometimes.

Our outside the home activities this year are the same as in the past.
Piano:  once a week--Julie, Leah, and Clay
XC:  twice a week--all children
art:  5 times each semester--Leah and Sam

Hopefully I can write or republish a series of posts regarding school planning and scheduling.  What topics would you like covered?  Leave me a comment, and I'll be happy to answer your questions.


  1. Hi Roan! I'd love to hear about where you find your healthy recipes. I know that's not technically school planning, but finding time to cook dinner in the midst of a homeschooling day with evening activities is hard for me--and healthier meals seem to take me more time to prepare. Do you have any good tips for getting a healthy dinner on the table while also homeschooling and having evening activities? Thanks! :)

  2. Bummer, I had a long long comment and it disappeared when I hit publish. Sometimes I dislike technology. ugh

  3. Trying again. Can you link up to your previous planning posts by chance? Seems like you have done this before but I can't remember. Also, when you plan-do you plan by starting with your oldest first and working your way down? Do you plan your group classes together first? How do you plan to be with each child at a certain time during the day and not cross over onto another child's time? School takes all day. When and how do you fit in all of your cleaning? How do you divide your chores with your kids and when do they do them if school starts around 8am? after school? That's it for now! haha Thanks so much for asking your readers!! Blessings, Lauree