Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Flu

That's what's been going on around here!

It began with Olivia last Thursday, then Julie came down with it on Sunday, and I started feeling poorly on Monday.  And yes.  We all got the flu shot last fall.  Well, all of us except for Olivia who was away at college.  Ironically she got her flu vaccine last Thursday, and began running fever and feeling badly that same night.  At first we thought it was just a side effect from the vaccine, but it ended up being full blown flu.  We are pretty sure she contracted it from the Winter Camp that she and Julie attended earlier last week.

Anyway.  I was convinced that I just had a bad sore throat, cough, and cold, except that I have been FREEZING cold all week.  The temps here have been way colder than normal, but as it turns out, I was running fever.  So, since I had planned a birthday party for Leah tomorrow afternoon, I decided to go to the dr. yesterday and have a flu test.  That way I would know if I should cancel the party.  Well guess what?  To my surprise, I tested positive for the flu!  This is the first time I have had the flu.  Fortunately, having the vaccine has seemed to lessen my symptoms.  I have not been nearly as sick as poor Olivia.  Julie had it pretty bad too!

I am praying that the other members of my family do not get sick!

We changed the birthday party until next week, but I still plan to have Leah's family celebration on her actual birthday, which is Sunday.  I MUST be well by Saturday, because I have some birthday shopping and cooking to do.  Being sick is such an inconvenience!

I have narrowed down my word for 2014 to either Serve or Simplify.  Maybe I will choose both!


  1. Oh my!! Hope you guys weather it well. Ed got his vaccine in the fall but the girls and I didn't until today :/ I have no excuse; we just simply forgot. Keeping my fingers crossed we'll still be protected somewhat.

  2. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Hope you all feel better fast and no one else gets sick. Happy Birthday to Leah!