Monday, January 13, 2014

Leah's 10th Birthday

Yesterday Leah turned 10.  I think she had a great day!  Before we went to our church services, we enjoyed a special breakfast together at the decorated table.  The theme was notebooks and special pens.  Leah loves to write, and she is always jotting down things in notebooks and on paper.  Also, she asked for a set of Frixion erasable markers at least once a day for the past month!

 the table

 The markers that she asked for!!

 Waiting for her breakfast--hash brown casserole and coffee.

Leah opened one present before we left for church--a handmade gift from Julie!  Inside was a handmade wallet with some money inside.  Julie wanted her to be able to buy something at our trip to the mall later that afternoon.

 the cute, cute owl purse lovingly made by Julie

The pictures from the mall are after these….but after church we went to eat at Kyoto's (Japanese hibachi!).  Next we went to the mall for part of Leah's birthday present.

These pictures are from when we got home.  Time to open presents!

 so excited!

 pajamas for her doll, Molly

 "Is it really Molly's bed??"

 "Wow!  Look at this box of clothes from Mims and Pops!"

 Leah (with her new purse) and Julie

One very fun part of the day was going to the mall to get her ears pierced!!
Avery talked her parents (Kelly and Lynn) into getting her ears pierced too!

"Oh!  We are so scared!"

 "But look at our matching outfits!"

 getting the holes marked
a little scared…...

 The Piercing!
(holding a stuffed animal for moral support)
 How pretty!

 Now it's Avery's turn….and she is not so sure either!

Whew!  Glad that's over.
It wasn't so bad!

"I'm so glad we did it!"

Leah used the money Julie gave her to buy a few pairs of earrings to wear when she can change them out, in 6-8 weeks.

Leah's birthday cake was cream cheese swirl brownies.  She blew out all 10 candles, and we enjoyed a yummy dessert.

It was a delightful birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday to her! She is beautiful and I love her new purse. Your children are so talented, I know ya'll are proud:)