Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Schoolroom

This week in the Not Back to School Blog Hop features school rooms!

My schoolroom looks pretty much the same that it has looked for the past 8 school years.  I did have it repainted this summer--in the very same color of blue.  I considered rearranging some of the furniture, but after moving the piano across the room, I moved it back.  I like the way it is arranged now.  I did swap the locations of two pictures on the wall.

I took these pictures tonight, just before we unloaded my car full of college stuff for Olivia into the schoolroom.  (For sorting and packing....) These pictures show what my schoolroom really looks like on any given day.  We try to tidy up each day after completing our schoolwork, but some things inevitably get left out.

I am so thankful that I have a room dedicated to our homeschooling.  However, this is not the only room that we do school in.  It is the place where I store all of our school supplies and materials, plus lots of craft items.  This room is a finished room in our basement, and it has a half bathroom and two closets.  One of the closets is small, and I keep paper, office and science supplies in it.  The other closet is a walk-in closet and it stores many, many plastic containers of school stuff.  My schoolroom has one door that opens into the foyer area of our basement, and another door that opens into my storage room. (I closed that door for the photos tonight!)

We also do school in other areas of our home.  We have our Bible lesson each day at our kitchen table. Julie does her American history upstairs at a desk near her room.  All three of the older children watch their IEW DVDs in our den.  Julie also has a desk in the schoolroom, and so does Clay.  Leah and Sam complete their daily seat work at the table in our schoolroom, but I read all of their Sonlight books in our our den.  And lastly, we listen to many audiobooks for school in our car!

And now.....the pictures!

 The back wall of the schoolroom

Olivia's college school supplies are on the counter, along with my printer, Cricut, and dehydrator.
I keep various craft activities and supplies in the lower cabinets.  The filing drawers hold both household and school files.  The upper cabinets hold schoolbooks that are not currently being used, and one cabinet is dedicated to holding painting supplies.

 The right side

This pictures shows Julie's desk and a desk that I sometimes sit at.  I like to come down here where it is quiet and do my personal Bible reading in the morning.  A copier sits on this desk along with pretty knick knacks the kids have made for me.
The tall bookshelf holds mostly Sonlight books.

 Another view of this wall.  

I decorated the door (words that Sam needs to learn to spell) since we always keep this door open.  This is the door that leads to the foyer.
 The front wall of the schoolroom

The door leads to the walk in closet.  Underneath the marker board is a shelf with more Sonlight books and Notgrass high school books.  The tall cabinet in the right hand corner holds paper, glue, markers, index cards, etc.

 An overview of the middle of the room. 

Sam sits on one side, Leah on the other, and I sit in the middle on the end.  Their schoolbooks are inside those black crates.
That shelf to the left of the piano holds even more Sonlight books. (I now own all cores from Pre3/4-Core 100 plus selected books from the rest of the upper cores).

 A close up of the "teacher desk" and Julie's desk to the left.  

The binders on the right are my teacher binders.  Julie's books and pencils and such are all on the left.

 An overview of the room from the back side.

Clay's desk.

His books are in the green crate on the floor.
This is exactly what his desk looked like....I guess he forgot to tidy up!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my schoolroom.
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  1. Great room! You have a nice, big space to work with. Hope you all have a great year.

  2. Great space! You are so fortunate to have all of that cabinet space for storage.

  3. Where did you get your rug from? I love it!