Saturday, August 3, 2013

4 Moms, 20 Kids: Tent Camping!

Our Campsite

This was my first experience in tent camping!  We had so much fun this week, and I have several pictures to share!  Today, though, I will busy, busy packing up our tent, chairs, blow up beds, etc. (we had to set it all up last night when we got home to dry out---we had lots of RAIN while we were camping, and everything was wet or damp), unpacking lots and lots of bags, and washing, washing, washing clothes, bags, shoes, etc.  Everything and I mean everything, was damp, and I have to wash and dry it all.

But it is worth it, because we had such a fabulous time.

And.  We are starting school Monday!  

I have a lot to do today.


  1. I can't wait to hear all about this. Glad you weren't eaten by a bear!

  2. Sounds like a fun trip. I haven't tent camped since Timothy was small. I wish we did it more often.