Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jogging For the Jungle 5K

About two or three weeks ago (I can't remember now!), all five of my children ran in the Jogging For the Jungle race.  Olivia, Julie, and Clay ran the 5K, and Leah and Sam ran the 1 mile fun run.  I am not sure why I forgot to blog about this race.....but anyway, here it is.  This blog serves many purposes, and one of those purposes is to record family events.  In case I never get back to scrapbooking, I still have a place to look at pictures and remember fun times!

This was the first race of 2012 for our family.  Jimmy had to work, and I was still recovering, so just the children ran.  It was a small race, but everyone who participated seemed to have a fun time.

 Here is Clay, crossing the finish line!

 Clay, Olivia, and Julie

 Sam and Leah after their 1 mile race.  All participants of the 1 mile fun run received medals.  That makes the children so happy!

Sweet Brothers

The next race for my family is the Coke 10K in May.  Jimmy and the older children are also running the Gum Tree 10K in May.  Leah and Sam will run the 2K fun run that day.  I plan to be the family photographer for the Gum Tree. 

I also am going the walk the Kimberly C. Gee Race For Awareness 5K with some of my college sorority sisters later this month.  Kim was one of my college roommates, and a sorority sister too.  She died almost 6 years ago after a long battle with ovarian cancer.  Some of us girls are getting together to walk the 5K and spend part of the weekend together.  We used to have a reunion every year, but sadly, we have not all gotten together since Kim's funeral!  After my scare with breast cancer earlier this year, my friends decided that we HAD to get together and visit--very soon!  Not all members of our original group can make it to this reunion, but I am so looking forward to seeing my friends who will be there.  We graduated from college almost 21 years ago!  


  1. I missed Disney Marathon when I went to Disney, how I wish to experience it! That would be a lot of fun. Anyway, it's nice to have your kids experience that too. Renting Stroller for baby is also advantage when wandering in Disney.

  2. You have very active and lovable kids! It’s so nice that they all like participating in fun runs like this. They did look like they enjoyed the run and also the medals that they earned. Not only that, I think it’s great that they are already starting to live a healthy lifestyle.

    Brandon Pepper