Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Tip

This is a little late, but it is time to clean out your children's toys. I spent a few hours today and yesterday doing just that. I box up what I want to keep (for sentimental reasons or for future grandchildren), bag what I want to give away, and throw away all of those little broken bits and pieces. I also bought various sizes of clear plastic boxes to store new toys and games in. I will type and print labels for those boxes after Christmas. Plastic storage boxes are useful for storing things like legos, KNex, Little People sets, dollhouse furniture, jewelry making supplies, etc. Just be sure to label each box. In my boys' closet, almost every single item is in a labled box. This makes clean up easier, and the closet looks nice too.

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  1. Roan, you are so right.. It makes so much sense. I remembered your tip to about the wrapping paper! Thanks again, hope your's was 'warm & bright'! Laura