Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Well. Hello

I am still alive over here in Mississippi!

I am still trying to figure out how to be a mama to children near and far. As most of you know, Julie and Big Sam live in Romania (over 5000 miles away and an 8 hour time difference), and Olivia and Brian live in Indiana (9 hours away), and Clay is a freshman in college in Tampa (12 hours away). Leah and Sam are sill here with us! Yay!

But things have not slowed down like I thought they would. I have lost all my drivers, and that has made a huge difference! I am back to driving them to piano lessons, XC practice, CrossFit, and art. It's fine, but it has been an adjustment. Leah won't have her driver's license for 3 years, so I will be the mom taxi for a while.  We have also traveled a lot over the last couple of months, so that keeps me behind at home as well. (But the trips have been wonderful!)

Our days are full of homeschool (around 4-5 hours a day) and outside activities. I am also drowning in housework and laundry.....I am still working on the best system for cleaning my house. Actually, if I could just find a consistent block of time to clean I could do it. The trick is finding the time! I will blog about my homemaking struggles in the near future, because I am all out of ideas!

We are having a revival (AKA Gospel Meeting) at our church congregation this week. Our speaker is Paul Sheehan, and he is fantastic! He is motivating, convicting, and infectious! If you are interested in hearing the Word of God presented in a simple and inspiring way, you can listen to his sermons from our church's website or download the podcasts. Our regular preacher, Trey Haskett, has all his sermons on the podcast too, and they are excellent as well.
Here is the link.

One more thing.....do any of you call your kids by the wrong name? Like every.single.time. you try to say their name? I cannot call anyone by the right name, and it is starting to irritate Leah and Sam. I understand. I would not want to be called by my sibling's name all day long, but I don't know how to stop. Any suggestions?

I hope to check in again soon!


  1. YES! I do that! And embarrassingly enough I call them by the doggie's name too :(. I think it is I am always thinking 100 things at once and trying to talk at the same time and it just does not work well. My kids get really irritated too :(.

    I have been wondering how life was going, hope and pray life falls into a rhythm soon. Sunshine

  2. Your gospel meeting sounds great! My husband and I enjoy podcasts during our runs so we will have to check it out. Where in Indiana? We are originally from Indiana - I'm from around the Bedford area and Sean is from Lebanon. :)

  3. I once saw a funny graphic about the chance that you'll call your child by his/her given name on the first try relative to the number of children you have. Obviously one child will be called by his/her name 100% of the time, but by 5 children, the chart gave a percent chance of ZERO. :-) I have five children too, and the struggle is real! By the way, have you written posts about or shared pictures of your girls' weddings? If so, I haven't found them. Would love if you'd have time to share!!!

  4. House cleaning is a brand new challenge when the kids begin to leave home. Gradually you have trained them to help and just about the time you have them trained, they grow up and leave home. It's just no fair, is it?

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